Thursday, June 22, 2017

JasperNet SSO Maintenance - Friday 6/23 10AM

ITS will be performing critical system maintenance on the JasperNet Single Sign On (SSO) system starting Friday 6/23 at 10AM.  After 10AM, anyone already connected to JasperNet services should be able to function normally; however, any new attempts to login to JasperNet services will not be processed.

What is affected?
The SSO authentication system (login) to all JasperNet services will be unavailable after 10AM.  JasperNet services will still be online, however, any new attempts to login after 10AM will not be processed.  Services with a longer timeout, such as Google Apps and Gmail, as well as app-based services will largely be unaffected by this maintenance.  

ITS recommends that anyone who needs to access JasperNet services on Friday login BEFORE 10AM.  Services with stricter security policies, such as Banner and Self-Service, will not function if they are allowed to timeout.

Why 10AM on 6/23?
While ITS typically schedules service-affecting maintenance for off-peak periods (such as overnight), the maintenance being performed on Friday requires the support of our software vendor Ellucian and must be done during normal business hours to ensure that the appropriate vendor support personnel are available.  The planned maintenance is the result of an issue experienced during an overnight update performed in May.  Friday 6/23 is the first available window when most of the College is closed but vendor support resources are available.

When will the maintenance be completed?
It is anticipated that the maintenance will take approximately 2 hours.  Since some troubleshooting will be involved, ITS has not defined an end to the maintenance window.  Updates will be posted at ITSblog -

Questions or concerns should be forwarded to