Sunday, December 9, 2012

Using gmail and other Google apps on your iPad, iPhone, iOS or Android device

Did you know that you can use your account with most all Google apps for your iPad, iPhone, iOS, or Android device? Here's the trick......

1. Download your favorite Google app from the iTunes/Play Store.

2. Open the app. In this case, we will use the Gmail app.

3. When prompted for your Google email and password, enter only the EMAIL in the form of your JasperNet email address. ( There is no need to enter the password at this point. Click "login".

4. Once Google has validated your email address, you will be forwarded to the JasperNet SingleSignOn screen. At this point, enter your JasperNet USERNAME and PASSWORD. (Not your full email address).

5. Voila!

The same steps will work whether you're setting up your new Android phone are adding a new app to your Android or iOS device that requires a Google account.  This will also work from a regular web browser.

Monday, December 3, 2012

VGA Cables and Remotes installed in Classrooms

We have completed installing remotes and VGA cables in all classes that have not yet been renovated.

We ask that these cables and remotes NOT be removed.

If you discover any missing remotes or cables, please notify Client Services at  If you require a VGA cable, please contact Client Services at

Sunday, October 28, 2012

IOS6 UPDATE: Fix for iPad and iPhone WIFI being deployed

ITS is in the process of deploying updates that correct WIFI issues on Apple iPhone 4S and iPad 3 devices that were upgraded to IOS6.  The September IOS6 update to these devices introduced an issue when connecting to certain WIFI networks.

All WIFI hotspots will be updated over the next few days.  Users may experience brief interruptions when using WIFI as each location is updated.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Announcing DegreeWorks

Degreeworks - New web-based tool helps students and advisors plot a course towards graduation.

Earlier today, Manhattan College announced the launch of DegreeWorks, a new web-based tool to help students better navigate curriculum requirements and progress towards degree completion. Completed and in-progress classes are shown along with the remaining requirements to satisfy the degree that you are working towards. In addition, advisors and students can use the “what if” feature to check what might be needed to add a minor or change degrees.

DegreeWorks is accessible to all students and can be accessed from the “Quick Links” menu on A tutorial for DegreeWorks is available on the Registrar’s DegreeWorks page

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Apps for Manhattan College How-To Website Debut

Information Technology Services is pleased to announce the debut of its Google Apps for Manhattan College How-To website:

The intranet site, which incorporates training content and feeds from Google as well as content chosen for its relevancy to users as Manhattan College, was created using Google Sites.  Google Sites (part of the Google Apps for Education repertoire) is an online tool that allows you to create a simple or extensive web site. Sites brings together all of the other Google tools - letting you easily embed Google Docs, Calendar, Videos, and  more.

Our Announcement Feed (restricted to users at Manhattan College):

will keep users abreast of continuing enhancements to the apps.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Upgrades Coming to Non Renovated Classrooms

In an effort to improve usability and make things more convenient, Client Services will be placing a VGA cable and projector remote in every non renovated classroom on campus.  This way you will no longer have to bring these with you to your class or have to borrow them when you don't have them.  We expect to have all rooms done by the end of the semester.  Since we will not be able to do all rooms at the same time we ask that you please do not remove the VGA cable or remote from the classes that do get them first. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Green Reduce Printing

Do you really need to print out that document?

In the age of e-readers and assignment submission in Moodle, is there a need to print that document? 

Next time you are about to click print, think twice.  Do you really need to print it?


What is the most important thing that you should do with your important data?

Back it up!

There are still many computer users out there that do not take the proper precautions in regard to their important data.  The fact is that at anytime, without warning, your hard drive can have a catastrophic failure and all of your data can be gone in an instant.  All of your pictures, music, home work, research data, etc.  We urge you to take the time to backup your data.

What are some options?
  • Home Server
  • An External Hard Drive
  • USB Flash Drive
 If you would like some guidance to discover the backup solution that fits your needs, please contact Client Services at 718-862-7973.

Monday, September 24, 2012

iOS6 What Works & What Doesn't

As you maybe aware by our post on 9/20/12, after updating to iOS 6, some Apple iOS devices are unable to connect to WiFi hotspots on campus. We are waiting for Apple to release a fix to this issue. This is a list of iOS devices that we know work or don't work after the iOS6 update.  If your device is on the not working list and you need access to WiFi on campus, it is recommended that you stay on iOS5 for now.

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2
Doesn't work: [UPDATE:  FIX deployed 10/28]
  • iPhone 4S 
  • iPad 3

iOS6 WiFi Issues Update

After some investigating, it seems that we need to wait for Apple to create a fix to this issue as it presented itself after the iOS6 update.  Again this issue only affects the iPhone4S and iPad3.  There is nothing that ITS can do to resolve this issue.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS 6 WIFI Issues

ITS has received several inquiries into wireless issues for users who have upgraded their iPhone 4S or iPad 3 devices to iOS 6.  ITS is currently looking into the issue, however, it seems that only iPhone 4S and iPad 3 models are currently affected.  iPhone 4, iPad2, and earlier devices are not affected.

Users who have already update their iOS devices to iOS6 should continue to use 3G/4G until a resolution is in place.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Server (Cloud Storage)

Manhattan College ITS provides all employees and students with cloud storage space called Home Server.  The Home Server is accessible from all computer labs by clicking on the My Computer Icon and then clicking on the disk with your Jaspernet username on it.  If you would like to learn more about home server or would like assistance in setting it up on your computer, please email  We also have some tutorials available here.

Saving Files

When working on files, you want to make sure to save those files often in a secure place.  You never know when your computer might crash.  Most newer applications have an auto save function, but sometimes you need to turn them on. 

Do you know the short cut to save? 

On Windows it is Ctrl S

On Mac it's command S

If you want some help setting up auto save on your computer please email for assistance.

Remember that when working on a public computer, you should use either a USB flash drive or your Home Server account to store your data.  Do not save locally.

Don't Forget to Log Off

As you may be aware, in order to protect users, all Manhattan College publicly used computers are setup to clear out all user data upon log off or reboot.  When you are done using a computer, make sure to log off.  Even if you are using your own computer, this is important to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Storage issue affects some parts of

In the early AM of Tuesday September 18th a storage system failure caused some (legacy) portions of to go offline.  ITS is aware of the issue and working to correct the problem.

The most notable portion of the site affected was

As of 2:00PM, most of the affected sections have been restored.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

RLC 200 Temporary Fix

We have placed a portable projection Screen in front of the Smart Board in RLC 200.  While you can not use the smart board, you now have the ability to project full screen, no overlap.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Manhattan College Increases WIFI Coverage

Manhattan College Increases WIFI Coverage

In preparation for the Fall 2012 semester, the Manhattan College Office of Information Technology Services has completed a major upgrade of campus wireless coverage.  Over 100 WIFI hotspots were deployed to provide full coverage to the O'Malley Library, Leo Engineering Building, and Smith Auditorium using the latest dual-radio (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n technology.

This latest upgrade means better signal in more places with faster speeds up to 300Mbps.  JasperNet WIFI coverage can be found via our online network map.  The recent upgrades of O'Malley, Leo, and Smith add to a multi-year initiative that has seen the deployment of almost 400 individual hotspots providing full 802.11n coverage to more than 2/3 of campus buildings.  The remainder of buildings on campus are partially served by a mix of high-speed 802.11n technology (in recently renovated classrooms and other areas) and previous-generation 802.11a/b/g (up to 54 Mbps).

Monday, August 27, 2012


You spoke.  We listened.
Simpler WIFI connection and network names.

Last year, major upgrades to the campus WIFI network were implemented.  Along with the upgrades, a number of wireless networks with varying features and configuration were implemented to allow users a choice of how they connect to JasperNet WIFI.

The feedback:  K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple)

In preparation for the Fall 2012 semester, ITS has simplified the JasperNet WIFI configuration.  All WIFI deployments conforming to "JasperNet WIFI 2.0" standards (802.11n) will be universally accessible by the single network "JASPERNET" (note the ALL CAPS).  A companion network, "jaspernet-guest" will also be universally available across all JasperNet WIFI 2.0 locations providing campus visitors with some access to the Internet.  Please see our network map for these locations.

We've already begun to weed out any of the confusing additional network names, however, we will continue to support local WIFI networks with additional security features (such as dls-secure or hayden-secure).  Additionally, in areas where JasperNet WIFI 2.0 is not yet available, 802.11a/b/g access will be provided by the legacy network names of "jaspernet" or "Jaspernet" (note the lower case).

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Back

We want to take a minute to welcome everyone back for a new semester.  Please take a minute to read through the following reminders:

  1. The best way to get in touch with a Client Services representative is an email to or a phone call to x7973 (718-862-7973).  Note that email and voicemail for this line go to our ticketing system so we encourage you to leave a message.
  2. If you wish to check on the progress of your ticket, you can do so via
  3. Remember that we will never ask you for your password.  We encourage you all to please reset your computer password prior to dropping it off at Client Services.  If you do not do this prior, please allocate an extra 5 minutes to work with a Client Services representative so that they can assist you in changing your password when working with us.  Upon completion of work on your computer, please allocate another 5 minutes so that a Client Services representative can assist you in changing your password back to it’s original state.  This is necessary in order to safe guard your password.  Remember that you should never give your password out to anyone under any circumstances.  Note that the same procedure holds true when you are requesting assistance with one of your Manhattan College accounts.
  4. Client Services can not lend out equipment to students.  If a student needs equipment for a project, they must have a Manhattan College employee sign out equipment on their behalf.  Note that the Manhattan College employee is responsible for that equipment.
  5. Note that if equipment is needed long term, it should be purchased via your department.  Client Services equipment is for temporary use only.
  6. The Client Services office does not work on personal computers.  We will train employees and students and instruct them on how to fix their computers, but personal computers can not be dropped off for service.  No personal items should ever be left in any of the Client Services offices.
  7. Please remember to plan event setups in advance.  We work with limited resources so we can not always complete last minute requests.
  8. Client Services currently has 4 convenient locations: DLS 311, Jasper Basement, LIB 410A, & RLC 103.  Please stop by the location closest to you.  We encourage you to call first to be sure that someone is available as we are constantly assisting the Manhattan College community.
  9. Any suggestions or complaints about the ITS department should be sent to
  10. Don't forget to add us to your circles: +ITS
  11. Check out our Blog:
  12. Check out our known issues page:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Move In Weekend Hours 8/25 - 8/26 2012

The Client Services Jasper Office will be open Saturday 8/25/12 from 12PM - 5PM for Move in Weekend.  We will also have staff on call Sunday 8/26/12 from 12PM - 5PM just call 718-862-7973, leave a message and someone will get back to you.  You can also email us at

Monday, July 30, 2012

Google Hangout Coming to Gmail

There will soon be an upgrade to google chat in gmail.  The interface will be upgraded to the google hangout functionality that you will already recognize if you have google plus enabled.  Please check out this google blog post to find out more.

Friday, July 20, 2012

JasperNet WIFI Coverage Map

[NEW] JasperNet WIFI Coverage Map

ITS is pleased to announce that all JasperNet WIFI installations are now being documented using Google Maps.  Click on the maps below (North Campus and South Campus) to view the JasperNet WIFI coverage and configuration in each building.  Buildings are also color-coded to allow for quick identification.

North Campus

View Manhattan College - WIFI Coverage (North) in a larger map

South Campus

View Manhattan College - WIFI Coverage in a larger map

GREEN:  100% Coverage
Green buildings have 100% WIFI coverage and the latest (JasperNet WIFI 2.0) technology.

YELLOW:  Partial Coverage
Yellow buildings may have full or partial coverage and may have "generation 1" WIFI technology installed (pre-802.11n).  These buildings usually have 802.11a/b/g installations.

Blue buildings are pending an upgrade.  A building will be changed to blue once the upgrade has been approved and work has been scheduled.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Apps for Administrative Assistants

Google has created a Support Site specifically for Administrative Assistants to share best practices and learn new tools within Google Apps.  Please take a look and share your own experiences as well:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blackboard End-of-Life June 30, 2012; Moodle Servers

Manhattan College is in its final stages of migrating from Blackboard to Moodle.  Please complete the download of all materials that you wish to save and/or transfer to Moodle by June 30, 2012 when Manhattan College's Blackboard Server is turned off.  After June 30, you will no longer be able to access any materials on the Blackboard Server ( ), including anything stored in the Blackboard Content Collection (e.g., file storage, portfolios and artifacts, etc.)

Moodle Servers
1) Course sites will now be hosted on an academic-year instance of Moodle.  The creation of course sites, as well as faculty and student enrollments, will be synced with the Banner system, similar to how the process had been done with Blackboard. 
    • Fall 2012 course shells - Academic year 2013:
      Note that student enrollments will be added several weeks prior to the start of the semester.

2) A separate Moodle server will be available for departmental, sandbox, and other non-course sites ("community Moodle"). Those sites will be created upon demand.  We will make available cohorts, e.g. site-wide groups, which can then be manually enrolled into a site; individual Manhattan College users can be manually enrolled as well. Examples of cohorts include students by major or program, full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, etc.

Note that this instance of Moodle is an early version of Moodle:  2.1.

Please see the following release notes for Moodle version 2.2 and 2.3 as there are many updates beyond the Moodle 2.1 instance in use for the AcademicYear 2012:

Alternative to Moodle Community Server (non-course sites): 
Many groups at Manhattan College have been using Blackboard primarily to send emails to the site membership, and/or to restrict files/materials to the site membership.  Most site memberships were managed by ITS via an enrollment process similar to what is used to manage course enrollments.  If this is primarily how you would like to use a non-course site,  you may want to consider using Google Groups and the new Google Drive (formerly called Docs) instead of or in addition to a Moodle site. You can share with a group - as well as restrict access to - "folders/collections" of files/documents.  A Google Group can also serve as a mailing list.  And files/documents can now be saved to one's Google Drive in their native format.  More to follow on this feature ...

Blackboard: Archival of Materials, transfers of certain types of course materials to Moodle

Moving files from Blackboard to Moodle is a bit of an art, as there is not a good one-size fits all approach. There are several approaches for extracting materials from Blackboard for reuse in Moodle, and Kim Woodruff has been working with faculty and staff over the past year to assist users in setting up sites in Moodle and transferring content from Blackboard to Moodle.  Kim has also created a Training Course available in Moodle which contains instructions and best practices.

In summary, you have the following methods at your disposal:
  • Archive your Blackboard Course via the Blackboard Course Archive utility.  This will create a record of everything in your course, including student work.  There is a free tool: bFree that will then allow you to view most - but not all - of the content in the Blackboard archive file

  • Copy Files to Collection is another Blackboard Utility.  This copies documents/files uploaded to Blackboard Content Areas to a folder in Blackboard Content Collection.  A package containing the folders can then be downloaded.  This approach maintains the original folder structure - and is readily usable with one's Google Drive.

  • Manhattan College has a license for Respondus - a tool for creating and managing tests.  Also provides access to publisher test banks.  This a great way to transfer tests from Blackboard to Moodle.

  • Downloads of: package of files in the Content Collection (if you stored files there); portfolios (if used), gradebook and/or assignments, etc

Below you will find some quick tips to get you started with the new versions of Moodle as well as reuse of Blackboard content

If you need assistance in making the transition from Blackboard to Moodle, please contact Client Services.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Get Ready for the New Google Groups!

What’s new in Google Groups?

New and better ways to use Google Groups!
The new Google Groups will have a new look and more features:

  • Better searching. Google Groups now supports search operators similar to Gmail's, such as from:me. You can search for topics by tag and save your search queries.

  • Customizable roles. Group owners can assign members different levels of authorization to perform most group tasks. A group can contain multiple roles (for example, Owner, Manager, Member, and so on). Each user's permissions depend on which role they have been assigned in the group.

We 'll also be able to select new group types to fit our needs:

  • Email list.  To communicate with a group of people using a single email address.

  • Web forum. An online community where members freely share information. Members can add references to posts and managers can move topics to the top of the forum.

  • Q&A forum. A structured forum where users can ask questions and members can provide responses.

  • Collaborative inbox. For members who need to work together to respond to posts or emails. A collaborative inbox gives users access to features like tagging topics, assigning topics, and marking duplicates.

Beginning on June 26, you will see the new Google Groups by default. For a while, you're free to switch back and forth between the new and classic versions of Groups as much as you want. Please note this rollout will take a number of days to complete.

Check out the Google Apps Learning Center for quick start guides and other resources for learning to use the new Google Groups features.

If you have questions or need help:

contact Client Services at x7973

Thanks for trying the new Google Groups!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

JasperNet Wireless - Winter Update 2012

JasperNet Wireless - Winter Update 2012
Over the Winter break, ITS embarked on an overhaul of the campus wireless network.  JasperNet wireless had been deployed in phases since 2001 to first cover gather spaces and common areas, then academic areas, and most recently residence halls.  While this staggered growth had its advantages, the end result was a heterogeneous network with mix-and-match hardware and configurations.  Ensuring a consistent and reliable wireless experience was not an easy task - especially in the residence halls......

Over the course of the 2010-2011 academic year, brand new high-speed 802.11n wireless access was rolled out to campus residence halls.  First East Hill and Horan, then Jasper and Chrysostom.  After several attempts at network designs for Overlook, the project was postponed until Winter 2011.  The day after the first residence halls were completed, it was clear that MC was hungry for wireless.  Half-way through move-in weekend, ITS needed to revisit the initial wireless design for East Hill and Horan to QUADRUPLE the capacity.  With smartphones now the norm, we needed to account for at least 2 wireless devices per student - plus anyone with such a device visiting or traveling through the building......

Starting in December 2011, ITS began to convert over 250 previously stand-alone wireless access points into a centrally managed wireless mesh - a configuration that had been developed since the summer.  By bringing together all of the previously deployed wireless access points (antennas) to act as one homogeneous system - rather than independently and sometimes against each other - we were able to provide a much more reliable and more consistent wireless experience.  To say it another way - "wireless is now faster"......

A Few Additions
In addition to converting all of recently deployed 802.11n access points in residence halls (Horan, East Hill, Jasper, Chrysostom - and now Overlook), older deployments and areas with sub-par coverage were significantly upgraded as well.
  • Hayden Hall - FULL 802.11n coverage throughout the building 
  • Thomas Hall - MORE 802.11 coverage throughout the Cafe 1853 and Dante's Den
  • All DLS and Miguel "renovated" classrooms now have dedicated wireless coverage
New Names
By now, you should have noticed the new names given to the JasperNet wireless networks.  In addition to a campus-wide guest network, 3 more networks have been added to each campus building with the new configuration.  Although more details will be available, the following is what users should now expect to see in terms of wireless networks on campus.
  • jaspernet-guest -- a campus-wide guest network for visitors (with web-only access)
  • <<building>>-legacy -- an "open" wireless network serving the designated building.  Uses access controls currently in place (one-time registration) and will not change. ex.  thomas-legacy
  • <<building>> -- an "open" wireless network serving the designated building.  Currently the same as <<building>>-legacy, however, will be developed to use a simpler access control method in the future.  This network will be configured to accept connections from ALL wifi devices.  ex. thomas
  • <<building>>-secure - a newly developed "secure" connection method that 1) encrypts network traffic between your device and the wireless network, and 2) limits access by requiring your JasperNet username/password to connect.  Use of this network will be limited to devices that support WPA and LEAP.  Most devices do, especially newer ones, but may need additional (free) software to be configured.  Detailed instructions to follow.  ex.  thomas-secure
What lies ahead.....
In addition to the recent upgrades, ITS is in the process of developing a roadmap to update the remaining early-generation wireless deployments on campus.  This process also includes soliciting feedback from students and faculty.  Over the course of the Summer, expect to see significant wireless upgrades in O'Malley Library, RLC, and Leo Engineering.

For periodic updates, subscribe to updates from