Tuesday, April 30, 2019

G Suite Update: The “Team Drives” feature of Google Drive will be renamed to “shared drives.”

What’s changing 

The “Team Drives” feature of Google Drive will be renamed to “shared drives.” This will impact: 
  • Drive on web and mobile: Timing may vary depending on the specific platform. See below for more info.
  • Drive File Stream: Beginning on May 31, 2019, with the Drive File Stream version 31 release, “Team Drives” will be renamed to “shared drives” in the Drive File Stream navigation. This may require you to update settings on your devices (see below for more info). 

Why it’s changing 

This change will not impact Team Drives functionality; it is simply a name change. Our users have told us that they use Team Drives for a lot more than sharing within teams, so “shared drives” makes it easier to understand how you could use them.

How to get started 

  • End users: In Google Drive, in the left hand side panel, “Team Drives” will be renamed to “Shared drives.” Any desktop shortcuts that link to content inside of shared drives will need to be updated.
For more details on the transition refer to this G Suite Updates Blog Post

Refer to this KBA on Google Drive Best Practices 
For more details on using Team Drives review this blog post: Get Started with Team Drives

Monday, April 29, 2019

25Live Outage

Update 4/29/19 @ 10:49PM: Collegenet indicates the issue is resolved and being monitored. 

Should you experience issues, please email its@manhattan.edu so that it can be investigated.

Update 4/29/19 @ 4:02PM: Collegenet indicates they are still working on the issue.

Update 4/29/19 @ 1:04PM: Collegenet indicates issue resolved.

We are aware of an issue with 25Live not loading or loading extremely slow.  Collegenet support has been notified of this issue.  We are awaiting their resolution.

Your Feedback Is Needed!

As another semester comes to an end we need your help! We are evaluating how certain services and products benefit the Manhattan College community or could bring value to a particular classroom/computer lab. Please help us by completing the following surveys. Each one will only take 5 minutes or less and your feedback is valued.

Web Print (powered by PaperCut) is a web-based printing service that allows quick printing on campus from your own laptop to any public computer lab printer without the need to install any software. ITS has taken the initiative to implement Web Print in the following computer labs:

DLS - 309, 314
LEO - 102
OMAL - 1FL, 206, 410, 506, Kiosk
RLC - 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 208

Please take this 2-3 minute survey to tell us about your experience with Web Print and help us learn more about how we can improve this service.

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that can be used by students, professors and staff. It has a range of features from digital whiteboard to remote collaboration to video conferencing and more. ITS introduced them on campus during Summer of 2017 and they are currently located in:

O'Malley - 401
Thomas - Center for Academic Success

Please take this 4-5 minute survey to tell us about your experience with Google Jamboard and help us learn more about where, when, why and how you are using it.

Smart classrooms are defined as rooms that have the latest technology standard in place.

Please take this 4-5 minute survey to tell us about your experience with classroom technology and help us learn more about where, when, why and how you are using it.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We value your feedback and would like to hear about your overall experience with ITS.

Please take this 1-2 minute survey to tell us about your experience with ITS for the Spring '19 semester.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Finals Week Spring 2019 - ITS Client Services Limited Hours

All Client Services and Operations offices will have limited staffing for Finals Week of the Spring 2019 Semester: May 6-May 10.

Within this time frame, the following types of issues will be prioritized: Classroom Emergency Issues
Previously Scheduled Appointments

All other issues may be be delayed.

If support is needed, as always, please contact IT Services and we will be with you as quickly as we can:

email: its@manhattan.edu call: 718-862-7973

Please be mindful that this policy is being put into place so that we can better support the Manhattan College community. If you have any specific questions or concerns, contact:
email: its@manhattan.edu
call: 718-862-7973

Week 10 Tech Showcase: Digital Badges

Digital Badges Convey Mastery of a Topic

ITS has begun a new initiative to promote digital badging. Digital badging is the process of giving digital badges to those who have met a criteria which involves completing comprehensive material of that topic. The verified digital badges can then be displayed on a resume to reflect your achievements for that particular topic.

ITS offers badges for certain challenges such as the Google Collaboration Challenge and the Digital Accessibility Challenge, which people can continuously take throughout the year. If you would like to complete these challenges to receive a Digital Badge, you can simply navigate to the ITS Blog through Quick Links and use the search bar to find each week.  The Digital Badge's are awarded through a website named Credly.
Example of a Manhattan College issued badge awarded for completing a Digital Accessibility online challenge.

Additional Resources:
Digital Badge Information
Credly Knowledge Base

We are interested in your feedback, please take a few moments to complete the following Digital Badge Survey.

Partially reposted from an Educause Launching Digital Credentials Course

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Google Help Centers and Community

computer with images on it next to computer are books & a mug

Partially reposted from Google for Higher Education Resources

Google Trainings and Resources

Great for Students and Faculty

  • Explore the G Suite Learning Center and learn about new feature products.
  • Follow @GoogleForEDU on Twitter for product updates, EDU releases, and use cases.
  • Free AR & VR training on Coursera for all students & faculty to take to get started.

3 people in front of a whiteboard

Great for Faculty and Staff

Apply to join a Higher Education Working Group to collaborate with
faculty & staff from other institutions in areas you're interested in,
like AR & VR, Learning and Instructional Content or Accessibility.

Partially reposted from: Google for Higher Education Resources

COMPLETE: Horan Hall - Brief Network Outage 4/29 at 1pm

UPDATE: The generator test was pushed up to earlier in the day. As of 10:15am, this generator test was completed.

Physical Plant will be conducting a generator test in Horan Hall Monday, April 29th at approximately 1pm. 

There will be two brief outages, one while switching to generator power, the other while switching back to main power.

This will not affect the rest of campus.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Week 9 Tech Showcase - Google Hangouts Meet Hardware

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware

Google Hangouts Meet is transitioning. Please review this Transition Timeline for additional info.

What is Google Hangouts Meet?

With Google Hangouts Meet, you can hold impromptu video meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more

What is Dial-in?

Dial-in allows you to connect to a meeting using a phone number as an alternative to the meeting code. This feature will automatically be selected when you select the Hangouts Meet conferencing option while creating a calendar event in Google Calendar. Note that this dial-in feature uses an international phone number, which allows meeting participants in other countries to join the Meeting. Please visit this G Suite Updates Article for more information about Dial-in.

image depicting a calendar event containing hangouts meet information

Why should you use Hangouts Meet and Dial In?

It promotes communication from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for quickly joining a Hangouts meeting on-the-go via a laptop or phone call.

Google Hangouts Meet Hardware is a meeting device found in select rooms on campus that enables video conferencing powered by Google Hangouts. With these devices, you can hold a video conference with up to 25 participants. Google Hangouts Meet Hardware on campus use full HD 1080p cameras.

(Located DLS 209, Charter Room)

We are interested in your feedback, please take a few moments to complete the following: survey

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Resolved: Partial Moodle Outage 16 April, 2019

At approximately 9:33am EDT it was reported to ITS that users were receiving an error message when attempting to upload files to moodle.

A system disk was found to be full do to some large run-away file conversion processes.

The issue was resolved at approximately 9:45am.

We believe the issue started sometime last on the previous night, If you encounter any issues please send an email to its@manhattan.edu

We will continue to monitor closely to ensure this issue does not happen again.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Week 8 Tech Showcase - G Suite Productivity Apps

G Suite

G Suite is Google's full range of productivity apps based in the cloud that allow you to connect, access, and create. Clicking on each app name will direct you to the G Suite Learning Center for that product.

With G Suite, you can connect by utilizing Gmail, Google Calendar, and Hangouts Chat, and Hangouts Meet.

Image result for gmail icon

Gmail allows you to be updated with secure, private, and ad-free email. In addition, Gmail keeps you updated with real-time message notifications, and safely stores your important emails and data.

Image result for google calendar icon

Google Calendar allows you to set up events on a cloud based calendar, and it is integrated seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts. You can also schedule events quickly by checking coworkers' availability or layering their calendars in a single view. You can share calendars so people see full event details or just if you are free.

 Image result for hangouts chat icon

    Hangouts Chat is an instant messaging solution that allows for communication either with one person or an entire group. It also features bots that can integrate other Google features such as Google Calendar and Google Drive as shown in the following image.

    Image result for hangouts meet

    Hangouts Meet is a video conferencing solution that will be covered in next week's Tech Showcase.

    Image result for google drive icon\

    G Suite also allows you to utilize cloud storage using Google Drive. G Suite allows you to have unlimited Google Drive cloud storage. This means you can store, access, and share your files in one secure place. You have the ability to access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices. Google Drive is especially useful for using less space on your device.

    Additionally, you can create Team Drives which foster collaboration by allowing a shared drive where multiple people can upload files.

    With G Suite, you can also create Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms. These programs are Google's word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet programs.

    Image result for google docs

    Google Docs allows you to create and edit text documents right in your browser with no dedicated software required. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change/revision is saved automatically. It also allows you export to other file types such MS Word, PDF, etc. It can also convert Word files to Docs.

    Image result for google slides

    Google Slides allows you to create and edit presentations in your browser with no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change/revision is saved automatically. It also allows you export to other file types such PPT, PDF, etc. It can also convert PPT files to Slides.

    Image result for google sheets icon

    Google Sheets allows you to create and edit spreadsheets in your browser with no software required.
    Multiple people can work at the same time, and every change/revision is saved automatically. It also allows you export to other file types such Excel, PDF, etc. It can also convert Excel files to Sheets.

    Image result for google forms

    Google Forms allows you to easily create forms for surveys and questionnaires. Responses can be tracked from Google Forms as well as Google Sheets where it is integrated seamlessly.

    We are interested in your feedback, please take a few moments to complete the following G Suite Productivity Apps Survey

    Friday, April 12, 2019

    Caught Phishing Email

    Earlier this year ITS caught an email, which attempted to steal someone's paycheck.

    Tue, 19 Mar 2019 19:44:48 +0000
    From: "Brennan O'Donnell," <ceosoffice@lycos.com>
    To: ██████.█████████@manhattan.edu
    Hi ██████ ,
    Are you in the office?
    I changed my bank and I'll like to change my paycheck dd details,
    can the change be effective for the current pay date?.
    Best Regards,
    Brennan O'Donnell

    Thankfully this was not delivered to anyone's inbox with the help of some tools Google offers.

    But what if the email was delivered successfully? The phishers are hoping that no out of band communication will happen such as phoning the employee they are posing as. Also the phishers are hoping that manual and form-driven processes are bypassed to quickly get work done.

    Do not be surprised if phishers start posing as family members asking for help. Phishers can surf the web and track your social media accounts to build a comprehensive graph of people you likely know. Talk to your loved ones about this type of scam. Be safe.

    Thursday, April 11, 2019

    COMPLETED: License Server Maintenance on Sunday, April 14th at 9:00PM

    UPDATE: The license swap was done and the software was tested for functionality as of Sunday, April 19th at 10:00 PM.

    ITS will be performing license server maintenance on Sunday, April 14th at 9:00 PM. This maintenance is occurring in order to update the license for SAP2000.

    The maintenance is expected to be done by 10:00 PM on Sunday, April 14th. The maintenance will effect all users that are on the Manhattan College network and for those who use the software off-site via VPN.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973.

    COMPLETE: Planned Network Maintenance - Leo on 5/13 at 7am

    UPDATE: This maintenance was completed around 9:30 this morning. If you are having any Internet connection problems, please reach out to ITS.

    ITS will be conducting network maintenance in Leo Engineering on Monday, May 13, 2019 from 7am-10am, which will cause some localized network outages. 

    In order to migrate current network connections to new equipment in anticipation of the upcoming construction in the basement of Leo Engineering building, ITS will be conducting network maintenance in Leo. This maintenance will cause disruption to both the wired and wireless networks throughout both Leo Engineering and the new GPAC (formerly Mahan) building. This maintenance will not affect the rest of campus.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973.

    Tuesday, April 9, 2019

    Whaling, SMiShing, and Vishing…Oh My!

    credit card with fish hook speared through it

    Cybercriminals use types of social engineering—manipulating people into doing what they want—as the most common way to steal information and money. Social engineering is at the heart of all types of phishing attacks—those conducted via email, SMS, and phone calls. Technology makes these sorts of attacks easy and very low risk for the attacker. Make sure you're on the lookout for these variants on the traditional, mass emailed phishing attack.
    • Spear phishing: This kind of attack involves often very well-crafted messages that come from what looks like a trusted VIP source, often in a hurry, targeting those who can conduct financial transactions on behalf of your organization (sometimes called "whaling").
    • SMiShing: Literally, phishing attacks via SMS, these scams attempt to trick users into supplying content or clicking on links in SMS messages on their mobile devices. Flaws in how caller ID and phone number verification work make this an increasingly popular attack that is hard to stop.
    • Vishing: Voice phishing, these are calls from attackers claiming to be government agencies such as the IRS, software vendors like Microsoft, or services offering to help with benefits or credit card rates. Attackers will often appear to be calling from a local number close to yours. As with SMiShing, flaws in how caller ID and phone number verification work make this a dangerous attack vector.
    No matter the medium, follow these techniques to help prevent getting tricked by these social engineering attacks:
    • Don't react to scare tactics: All of these attacks depend on scaring the recipient, such as with a lawsuit, that their computer is full of viruses, or that they might miss out on a chance at a great interest rate. Don't fall for it!
    • Verify contacts independently: Financial transactions should always follow a defined set of procedures, which includes a way to verify legitimacy outside email or an inbound phone call. Legitimate companies and service providers will give you a real business address and a way for you to contact them back, which you can independently verify on a company website, support line, etc. Don't trust people who contact you out of the blue claiming to represent your company.
    • Know the signs: Does the message/phone call start with a vague information, a generic company name like "card services," an urgent request, and/or an offer that seems impossibly good? Hang up or click that delete button!
    For further information on how a phishing attack affected this undergraduate students view this video:

    Information Security Awareness Training Video: "Phishing: E-Safe"

    View this video for strategies on how to address illegal robocalls:

    FCC Chairman provides some tips to help consumers confront illegal robocalls and maliciously spoofed calls.

    Partially reposted from: Educause Campus Security Awareness Campaign 2019: April 2019: Whaling, SMiShing, and Vishing…Oh My!

    Monday, April 8, 2019

    Turnitin Outage Reported

    The Turnitin service has reported that is was offline due to an unexpected outage on Monday April 8th from approximately 1:00AM - 6:20AM PDT.  Users of Turnitin and TurnitinUK may have been unable to make/view submissions and experienced delays to Similarity Report generation, as a result of the service outage.

    Turnitin reports that all services were functioning normally as of 6:20AM.

    Sunday, April 7, 2019

    Week 7 Tech Showcase - Glance MC Mobile App

    Glance MC Mobile App

    Glance MC is an app developed by Manhattan College students that puts all the resources you will need at Manhattan College in one place. With the Glance MC app, you can:
    • Search for employees and quicklinks
    • Access Digital Jasper card to use as your Campus ID on campus to purchase food.
    • Save employees and Quicklicks to your Favorites
    • View the feed which displays pertinent information such as Announcements, News, Twitter, Campus Alerts, ITS News and Outages.
    • View the calendar featuring events happening on campus.
    • Read the latest articles from the Quadrangle
    • Access Moodle for course information and more

    We are interested in your feedback, please take a few moments to complete the following Glance MC Mobile App Survey

    Additional Resources:
    Using Glance MC

    Tuesday, April 2, 2019

    Why So Serious?

    Tweet posted on April 1st as an obvious prank.

    Let's hope no one responds to this tweet with their actual credentials.

    This also goes for pictures of sensitive data. For example when people share a picture of their credit or debit card. Be safe, don't overshare.

    Monday, April 1, 2019

    Another day, another phishing email.

    This morning ITS detected a phishing email and quarantined the email. A redacted version of the email is shown below.

    1 Apr 2019 05:56:19 -0700
    From: "manhattan.edu" <admin@support.com>
    To: ██████.██████@manhattan.edu
    Message-ID: <20190401055619.AF1B5635B08A35FE@support.com>
    Matched rules
    Dear ██████.██████,    
    Your Email Account (██████.██████@manhattan.edu) password is set to expire 
    in 3 days, it will expire on. 
    *4 Apr 2019*.
    We recommend you to click the Email Settings below to confirm your email 
    password to avoid login interruptions.
    Email Setings
    Best Regards,
    *Note:**Please do not ignore this message.*
    2019 ⓒ manhattan.edu account team.

    The link, which is removed in the above, appears to go to google.com but actually redirects to a malicious site.


    The above link is similar to the malicious URL, and uses yahoo.com instead of the malicious site. Google is currently blocking this redirection, which is for the best.

    Screenshot showing Google blocking this redirection phishing exploit.

    ITS reported the email with full headers using the Google reporting form. Also ITS blocked access to the malicious website from our campus. Any off-campus user can still accidentally visit the website though. Thankfully this email was not delivered to a single inbox within our organization.