Friday, January 31, 2020

Reminder: Enable Push Notification for Duo

As the Multifactor Authentication app, Duo, begins to make its way to the Manhattan College community, we would like to offer a helpful tip for getting started! 

In order to get started, it is necessary to download the "Duo Mobile" app. Once you have downloaded the app and open it, the app will prompt you to allow "Push Notifications". It is important that you allow your phone to receive these notifications. Enabling these notifications will allow you to have a quick and secure sign on process!

If you are not sure how to turn on these notification, please reference our knowledge base article on how to enable push notifications on your phone

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) coming soon to replace VPN requirement

Over the course of the spring semester, ITS will be enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on key campus services that are currently only available on campus - or via VPN when off-campus.  Once MFA has been fully deployed, users will no longer be required to connect to a VPN in order to access these services.

ITS will be holding drop-in support sessions to assist users in the MFA opt-in process. 

All you’ll need is a smart phone or mobile device and a few minutes to complete registration and opt-in. 
Be on the lookout for invitations via email for future support sessions.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Friendly Reminder to Back Up Your Data

Google Drive LogoWith the convenience of the cloud and apps like Google Drive, it’s pretty easy to forget to back up your data. This is just a friendly reminder to do so!

Data on Google Drive:

Make sure that you have all of your data backed up either on your hard drive, a storage device, or a separate cloud storage service.

File Streaming:

If you are using Drive File Stream, it is very important that you are regularly checking to make sure that your data is syncing/saving properly. 

Once you’re logged into your google drive via web browser make sure that any files you worked on using drive file stream are present and up to date. You can access your drive via file stream or web browser on any device

Losing data can be incredibly stressful, but it is preventable! Here are some previously shared tips: 

  • Your critical data should never reside in a single place.
  • The ideal backup strategy will typically include both an online backup service (Google Drive) to ensure your data is secure no matter what happens to your mobile device or computer.
  • Running consistent, automatic backups is a straightforward process that will take a little time to set up and will require even less to maintain.
  • Backups can be configured to run in real time when files on your computer are changed.
  • Routinely test your backup solution to ensure you can recover your data in the event that you do actually need to restore from a backup.
If you have any questions or concerns about this please reference our knowledge base articles or contact the ITS Help Desk for further assistance! 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Happy Data Privacy Day!

January 27th is Data Privacy Day! 

The internet has opened so many doors for us and truly is a part of our day to day lives. We don't often take the time to think about the fact that we put a lot of our personal information out there. On Data Privacy Day we are reminded that we need to be vigilant in taking care of our precious personal data and making sure it is protected. 

Some Simple Tips for Protecting Your Data:

1. Check your privacy settings. Most of your social and eCommerce accounts will have a place where you can view and change your privacy settings. Every couple weeks you should review your privacy settings and make sure that it is set to what you want. You should consider the personal data that you are willing to make public (ie: email, phone number, birthday, location). 

2. Don't use a public service to store any private data. Google Docs is a great tool and very helpful for students and businesses alike that need a central place to store their work. However, you should not store personal information such as passwords or other sensitive data on a public service. 

3. Use private browsing. Using a private browsing window like a Incognito window, is very helpful for deterring internet tracking. Normally when you open a browser, it stores the websites you visit, the items you search for, or anything you might have bought. This information can be given to marketers. When you use a private browsing setting, this information is not stored. 

4. Use strong passwords. When you create a password is should not have any personal info like your name or birthday. It is also strongly advised that you create a long password, 12 characters (letters, numbers, and symbols) long. Additionally creating unique passwords for each of your services is strongly advised. While it may seem convenient to have the same password for everything, it puts you at a larger risk and makes it easier for potential malicious users to access your accounts. 

5. Use passwords and passcodes for access to your electronic devices.  Make sure you are protecting the device or devices you have that store all your precious information! A simple passcode or password being enabled on a device can go a long way in protecting your data. 

6. Use secure WiFi. A secure WiFi connection is very important. Public WiFis do not always have data encryption and this means that anyone that has access to the WiFi can track your browsing information. Try and keep login and monetary transactions to a minimum on public WiFi to avoid your passwords and credit card data getting into the wrong hands. 

Please continue checking our blog for more helpful tips and posts!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Primary ISP Maintenance - Monday 1/27

Manhattan College's primary Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be conducting emergency maintenance on their network equipment.

Window Start Time: Monday, January 27, 2020 21:00 (UTC-0500)
Window End Time: Tuesday, January 28, 2020 01:00 (UTC-0500)Expected Impact: < 1 hour
Reason: Emergency router hardware upgrade to enhance security and stability

This maintenance will cause some sporadic and intermittent network outages throughout campus, including outages with Banner.

If you have any questions, please call ITS at 718-862-7973 or email us at

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Your Feedback Is Needed!

As another semester beings, we need your help! We are evaluating how certain services and products benefit the Manhattan College community or could bring value to a particular classroom/computer lab. Please help us by completing the following surveys. Each one will only take 5 minutes or less and your feedback is valued.

Web Print (powered by PaperCut) is a web-based printing service that allows quick printing on campus from your own laptop to any public computer lab printer without the need to install any software. ITS has taken the initiative to implement Web Print in the following computer labs:

DLS - 309, 314
LEO - 102
OMAL - 1FL, 206, 410, 506, Kiosk
RLC - 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 208

Please take this 2-3 minute survey to tell us about your experience with Web Print and help us learn more about how we can improve this service.

Google Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that can be used by students, professors and staff. It has a range of features from digital whiteboard to remote collaboration to video conferencing and more. ITS introduced them on campus during Summer of 2017 and they are currently located in:

O'Malley - 401
Leo Student Study Space- (4 Jamboards available for use)
Leo Center for Academic Success

Please take this 4-5 minute survey to tell us about your experience with Google Jamboard and help us learn more about where, when, why and how you are using it.

Smart classrooms are defined as rooms that have the latest technology standard in place.

Please take this 4-5 minute survey to tell us about your experience with classroom technology and help us learn more about where, when, why and how you are using it.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We value your feedback and would like to hear about your overall experience with ITS.

Please take this 1-2 minute survey to tell us about your most recent experience with ITS 

Template Gallery Google Add On

Template Gallery is a Google Add-on that provides you with a repository for additional templates that are not found in Google's template gallery. The Template Gallery also makes finding templates very easy since it is well organized in categories.

First you will have to download the add-on by navigating to the Template Gallery Download Page. Select Free where you will be asked to continue and allow permissions.

Then you will be able to run the add-on by navigating to a Google Docs document and selecting the Add-ons tab at the top, and select Template Gallery and within that menu select Browse Templates.
There a screen will appear with a categorized listing of the various kinds of templates that can be used.
Once you find and select a template that you like, select the button labeled Copy to Google Drive. The File Type information below this button will let you know if the template you selected is a template for Google Docs or Sheets.
After copying to Google Drive, the same menu will appear, this time with the blue button saying Open File. Selecting that will open that template in a new tab. You can now begin editing the template!

Free Google Slides Themes and Powerpoint Templates: Slides Carnival

Slides Carnival offers free Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates that allows you to focus on communicating your ideas in your presentations. These professional designs cover all styles from playful and creative to formal and business presentations. You'll find that all templates are completely customizable and easy-to-edit. Use them freely for your own presentation needs. Or you can use right them away as a Google Slides theme or download as a PowerPoint template and continue working on your computer.

  1. Navigate to Slides Carnival
  2. Scroll through a presentation you wish to use:

  1. Once you find and select a Google slide theme or PowerPoint template you want to use, select: Make a Copy.

Hint: Once you make a copy, the new Google slide will be saved in your Google Drive and you may begin editing and working with your new Google Slide presentation.

This free presentation template features:
  • Fully editable. Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 25 different slides
  • Dynamic and professional design with sloping shapes. Works with any color or photo background.
  • Feature-rich theme with examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • It includes a customizable icon family with 80 different icons and a world map (you can change sizes and colors). And more free icons & maps for your presentations available.
  • Use as a Google Slides theme or download as PowerPoint template and edit on your computer. Also export to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • 16:9 screen layout (Can change to 4:3 with a click on Google Slides, but some graphic assets may not work well)
For more information, please visit Slides Carnival's website.

Partially reposted from: Slides Carnival

Silence Irrelevant Conversations in Gmail!

Do you receive emails that don't relate to your workflow? In Gmail you can simply "silence" emails that are irrelevant. Doing so will mark future emails for this conversation as Archived, so that you do not receive the emails in your Primary Inbox. If you need to check up on those muted emails, you will still be able to search for them. To mute irrelevant conversations in Gmail following the instructions below.

  1. First, select the three vertical dots button within an email. From within the dropdown menu that appears, select Mute.

For more information and help, please see this article on Muting email conversations. You can also visit that link to learn how to unmute conversations in Gmail.

Propose a New Meeting Time using Gmail!

From Gmail

When you open a Google Calendar invite in Gmail, you’ll see a new More Options dropdown menu, allowing you to propose a new time for the meeting or add a note to your RSVP.

Selecting either option will open the respective event section in, where you can make those updates directly. You cannot propose a new meeting time if you are the organizer of the event. If you are the organizer, you can simply edit the event time from Google Calendar.

From Google Calendar

This feature is also available directly in Google Calendar. Simply navigate to Google Calendar and after logging in, select the event that you wish to propose a new time. Once you have clicked on the event, you can simply select the drop down menu button at the bottom.

There, you will be able to select either Propose a new time or Add note.

Partially reposted from Propose a new meeting time or add a note to Calendar invites from Gmail

Become a G Suite Power User!

Learn how to become a G Suite Power User!

Many of the G Suite tools allow you to utilize many powerful features and abilities. Have a look at the many resources in the G Suite for power users page to learn more about these powerful features and abilities.

With these resources you can learn more of the advanced capabilities of G Suite that can help improve your productivity at work. G Suite helps you transform your work to be faster and smarter, and to collaborate better.

For additional resources, please see G Suite for power users

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Welcome Back! Spring Semester IT Services Announcements

Happy New Year! We would like to welcome everyone back to campus and trust everyone had a relaxing and restorative winter break.

ITS Winter Updates

Client Services and Operations had a very productive winter break by working hard to stay on top of all maintenance and support of technology for staff and students during the intersession. We are grateful for all the hard work they do year round! 

ITS New Training Coordinator and Training Request Reminder

Susanne Leavey, a 2015 Graduate of Manhattan College, began in her new position of "IT Training Coordinator" on January 3rd, 2020. ITS would like to take the time to remind you that you may utilize the Training Department as a resource by requesting trainings. If you would like to request a training you can do so by emailing or requesting a training through the MC Service Catalogue by selecting "IT Training Services" under categories. 

We hope you have a great semester and make sure to be on the lookout for helpful tips and tricks in our upcoming blog posts! 


A Student Technology And Resource Specialist (STARS) is a Manhattan College student who exemplifies Lasallian values by utilizing their unique skill set to assist members of the Manhattan College community. A STAR has a combination of excellent interpersonal communication skills and technology knowledge. STARS show compassion when working with members of the community who are having technical difficulties. STARS have been going through ongoing training this Fall and upgrading their technical skills in order to offer even stronger support to the Manhattan College community. Managers are organizing training and a student management hierarchy with the continued goal of a 90% student run Client Services department in the upcoming Spring 2020 semester.


Have a question? Check out our Knowledge Base first.

The ITS Service Catalogue is a great resource!

The best way to get in touch with a Client Services representative is an email to 
or a phone call to x7973 (718-862-7973) 
Note that email and voicemail for this line go to our ticketing system so we encourage you to leave a message

Please follow these instructions to update your personal email address:

How to Update Your Personal Email.

Remember that IT Services will never ask you for your password.

We encourage you all to please reset your computer password and provide the temporary password to ITS prior to dropping it off at Client Services. If you do not do this prior, please allocate an extra 5 minutes to work with a Client Services representative so that we can assist you in changing your password when working with us. Upon completion of work on your computer, please allocate another 5 minutes so that a Client Services representative can assist you in changing your password back to its original state. This is necessary in order to safeguard your password. Remember that you should never give your password out to anyone under any circumstances. Note that the same procedure holds true when you are requesting assistance with one of your Manhattan College accounts. For more details about best practices for keeping your information secure at Manhattan College click this Cyber Safety link found on the ITS website.

Client Services can NOT lend out equipment to students. If a student needs equipment for a project, they must have a Manhattan College employee sign out equipment on their behalf. Note that the Manhattan College employee is responsible for that equipment.

Client Services can provide short-term loaner equipment such as laptops and projectors by reservation. Note that if equipment is needed long term, it should be purchased via your department.

In lieu of loaning certain cables and remotes, Client Services has installed commonly used VGA and Audio cables as well as projector remotes in all yet-to-be-renovated classrooms. Network cables will be provided to faculty upon request. Faculty requiring other specialty cables or adapters (such as Apple VGA adapters) should contact Client Services for assistance purchasing this equipment as they are not stocked or provided by Client Services.

The Client Services office does not work on personal computers. We will train employees and students and instruct them on how to fix their computers, but personal computers cannot be dropped off for service. No personal items should ever be left in any of the Client Services offices.

Please remember to plan event setups in advance. We work with limited resources so we cannot always complete last minute requests.

Client Services currently has 2 convenient locations: Jasper Hall, Ground Floor, North Side & RLC 103C. Please stop by the location closest to you. We encourage you to call first to be sure that someone is available as we are constantly assisting the Manhattan College community.

Client Services Hours of Operations can be found here.

Computer Lab Hours can be found here.

Campus-owned computers are purchased with hardware support provided by the manufacturer. ITS will diagnose and determine whether manufacturer hardware support is needed. For the fastest service, clients are also able to contact the manufacturer directly to access hardware support and replacement.

Your feedback helps us improve our service and should be sent to: Tell ITS

Don't forget to add us to your Google+ circles +ITS.  Follow us on Twitter @MC_ITS and Instagram mc_ITS.

Check out our Manhattan College ITS Blog.

Thanks and wishing everyone a productive semester on behalf of the ITS team!

Friday, January 10, 2020

ITS Client Services Limited Resources During Certain Times in the Spring 2020 Semester

ITS Client Services will have limited resources during certain times in the Spring 2020 semester; these time slots are:

Jasper ITS Office:
Mondays   11:30 am – 2:00 pm
Thursdays   1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

RLC ITS Office:
Mondays   7:30 am – 11:00 am
Tuesdays   12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Wednesdays   7:30 am – 9:00 am
Fridays   7:30 am – 12:00 noon

During the above times, priority support will be given to classroom and network support requests.  Please plan accordingly.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

ITS Prioritized Support January 14 – 24, 2020

ITS Client Services will be providing priority support to classroom and network support requests from Tuesday, January 14 - Friday, January 24. Response times for all other requests will be slower than normal.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Web Theme Updates applied to Self-Service

Updates to the web theme have been applied to Banner Self-Service.  As a result, Faculty and students can expect a more modern experience better aligned to Manhattan College branding standards.  Additionally, the updated web theme incorporates responsive elements that enable a better experience for mobile users.

Brand-Aligned Styling

SSB landing page with new CSS - Desktop

Responsive Design / Mobile-Friendly

SSB Mobile View

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Windows 7 End of Life Schedule

Every Windows product has a life cycle. The life cycle begins when a product is released and ends when it's no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this life cycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade or make other changes to your software. 

Windows 7 Support will end January 14, 2020.

Microsoft Support Reference to determine: Which Windows operating system am I running?


Manhattan College ITS loads Windows 10 on all ITS supported compatible devices.

Next Steps

If you happen to have a computer with Windows 7 please upgrade your computer before January 14, 2020.  You can contact ITS for assistance.
Further details:  Windows 7 End of Life Schedule 

Windows 8.1 End of Life Schedule

Every Windows product has a life cycle. The life cycle begins when a product is released and ends when it's no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this life cycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade or make other changes to your software. 
Windows 8.1 Mainstream support will end January 9, 2018
Windows 8.1 Extended support will end January 10, 2023
Microsoft Support Reference to determine: Which Windows operating system am I running?


Manhattan College ITS loads Windows 10 on all ITS supported compatible devices.

Next Steps

If you happen to have a computer with Windows 8.1 please upgrade your computer to Windows 10 before January 9, 2018.  You can contact ITS for assistance.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

COMPLETED: Horan Hall - Brief Network Outage 1/10 at 10am

Physical Plant will be conducting a generator test in Horan Hall on Friday, January 10th at approximately 10am.

There will be two brief outages, one while switching to generator power, the other while switching back to main power. Both wired and wireless will be affected during this generator test.

This will not affect the rest of campus.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at or at extension x-7973. We apologize for this inconvenience.

UPDATE: This test has been completed.