Monday, July 23, 2018

Classroom Technology Updates

ITS is in the process of several summer upgrade projects we wish to share.
Upgrading Technology
This summer ITS is upgrading the wireless presentation systems in 15 classrooms, and we are using
this opportunity to move to a hardware design which allows more devices to connect:
Our goal of improving classroom presentation technology has led us to an improved wireless
presentation system in our classrooms:  AirPlay Version 2 (Powered by Kramer Via Go) will allow
instructors and students to connect and present to a main display via any laptop or mobile device and
edit documents and stream video.  
In order to make the transition to this new system more seamless, we decided to stick with the AirPlay
branding that the Manhattan College community has become familiar with over the past few years to
be synonymous with our wireless presentation system.  
The Kramer VIA GO is set up in the following classrooms:
De LaSalle  307 & 312,
Hayden  201 & 202,
Miguel 304, 305, 306, 307, 308 & 314  
Leo 102, 242,  259, 330 & 333
The Charter Room Jamboard has been replaced with a 65” inch HD TV on a stand and the Kramer VIA GO
wireless presentation system.  In addition, Chromebox for Meetings has been installed in the Charter Room.

For more details please review: 
Kramer VIA GO Quick Start Guide KBA  and Crestron Control Unit with Kramer VIA GO KBA
Documentation is being prepared and will be placed in rooms and communicated out in the coming weeks.

If you need support please call the ITS Helpdesk, 718-862-7973 or email