Sunday, November 17, 2019

Google Hangouts Classic Deprecation Transition to Google Hangouts Chat Today! ***ACTION REQUIRED***

Google Hangouts Classic will no Longer Work

We’re excited to share that Google will be transitioning to its newest collaboration product, Google Hangouts Chat.

Beginning June 2020, Google will officially deprecate the Google Hangouts Classic feature in Gmail. This will be replaced with the new and improved Google Hangouts Chat feature, which supports many great features aimed towards productivity such as Chat rooms, modern interface, file uploading while chatting, adding Drive files, and much more.

As a result, any group chats that happen with Google Hangouts Classic will not be shown in the new Google Chat, so be sure to use Google Hangouts Chat to keep track of your messages. We recommend viewing this article on the interoperability of Google Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Classic.

To switch from Google Hangouts Classic to Google Hangouts Chat, all you have to do is navigate to and start chatting there! You can also download the new mobile app for Android or iOS, as well as download the new standalone desktop app. You'll be able to access the desktop app from a prompt that will appear inside

For more help with getting started with Google Hangouts Chat, please view this resource on Getting Started with Google Hangouts Chat.