Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Susies Tech Tips #2

Tech Tip #2 
This weeks tech tip focuses on how to get the fastest response/help when you are creating a ticket. As we have transitioned to online learning and working and issues arise, this tip will help you to create a ticket that has all the right information so ITS can help you faster! 

When you are submitting a ticket it is important for ITS to know as much as possible about your request.
For faster help please reference the suggestions below for creating a ticket: 
  1. Describe what you are trying to accomplish.
    Ex: You are unable to enter your Jaspernet account.
    Make sure that you specify which service you are trying to log into (email, banner, self service, etc.)
  2. Describe what you tried to do to accomplish this.
    Ex: You are not able to log into Banner.
    Make sure to differentiate if it is a problem that is causing you to receive any kind of error message for or if you have forgotten your login credentials.
  3. Describe exactly what happens and include screenshots.
    Ex: You are receiving an error message when trying to upload something to Moodle.
    Explain step by step starting from when you login to Moodle up until you receive the error message and how many times you tried to do this. Make sure that you take a screenshot, if possible, of the message and attach it to the ticket.
  4. Other important details to include:
  • Time and Date
  • Is this a recurring issue?
  • What is your computer make and model? 
  • What operating system version are you running?
  • What browser version are you running?
  • If you are having problems with a software, what version are you using?

** Bonus Tip ** 

While most people are aware that you can create a ticket by emailing ITS, we would also like to encourage you to use our vast Service Catalog to submit tickets. Submitting via the service catalog ensures that your ticket is going to the appropriate team right away and will result in a faster resolution. 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973