Thursday, May 5, 2022

Cybersecurity Group Releases List of Cybersecurity Themes for 2022

Global venture group Team8, which creates and invests in technology and cybersecurity companies, has announced the release of its 2022 Cybersecurity Themes report. This report aims to inform the reader of the factors shaping the future of cybersecurity in the near future. Driven by the impact of the pandemic, the increase in remote work and the increase of cyberattacks, these factors, and solutions associated with them are being pushed by our governments in order to protect our companies and individuals. Cyberattacks have been trending away from individuals and have been targeting larger entities as of late, which has been emphasized in the article.

Important Trends Identified:

  • Trend 2 starts by describing the shift in ransomware toward targeting enterprises and whole companies rather than just individuals. Many corporations have physical and digital infrastructure that is at heavy risk, and like in the Colonial Pipeline attack in which ransomware caused a whole pipeline to be shut down, these companies need to heavily invest in cybersecurity.

  • Trend 4 explains that there is an increasing trend in private investment in cybersecurity, like in the areas of cloud adoption and remote work, in order to keep a company’s intellectual property safe.

  • Trend 7, arguably the most important trend, describes the “shift left” that is happening among cybersecurity software development, in which more security concerns are addressed in the earlier stages of development.

There are several more trends discussed in the article. To read about every trend laid out by Team8 and to see their full research, visit the following link: