Wednesday, September 14, 2022

25Live Outage

Update 9/14/22 7:15PM:

The issue with 25Live is now fully resolved for everyone. All is functioning as it should and there is no data loss.

Update 9/14/22 5:40PM:

With the exception of a subset of affected people who made events during the incident all other accounts have been restored. 25Live support is working up a plan to handle this small number of accounts.

Update 9/14/22 3:18PM:

We have been in contact with 25Live and they are working on fixing the issue. For a period of time between 7AM and 1PM today anyone who signed into 25Live was given a new account with limited privileges. At 1PM the issue was resolved on the Manhattan College end so anyone who did not login between 7AM and 1PM today has no issue. The affected people are being fixed by 25Live. We believe the issue should be fixed tonight. We will update again when the affected people's accounts are fixed. Affected people should not make login to 25Live until the issue is resolved.

 We are aware of several issues with 25Live that impact functionality. We have notified 25Live support and await an update.

  • Username showing up as sample:  richard;richard musal;musal
  • Starred items disappeared
  • Approval history disappeared
  • New Approval items not showing
Room approvals will be delayed due to this issue. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate party if you have an immediate approval need to get an out of band approval.