Friday, March 15, 2024

Act Fast! Weekly Stipend of $500!

While the clickbait title may seem heartless it is intended to protect you, your loved ones, and our community.

We recently experienced a scam job opportunity email campaign. Do not assume that or addresses offer job opportunities. The phishing email looked similar to the following.

From: maria tae <>
Manhattan College, Department of Economics & Finance is currently employing
the services of student research assistants.

The department is looking for dedicated, motivated students who are
interested in gaining research experience as you will have opportunity to
work with experienced researchers and collaborate on research
projects!eager to gain valuable research experience by collaborating with
seasoned researchers on various projects.

The Hiring Team is actively accepting applications for this role.
Successful candidates will receive a weekly stipend of $500 for their
dedicated research efforts.
This opportunity is open to students from any department of the institution
and task completion is completely remote. Slots are limited, and selection
is based on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply, please contact Professor [redacted] via mail at
[redacted] Include your full name, personal email
address, department and year of study to receive the job description and
additional application requirements.
Best regards,

C/O Professor Fiona Maclachlan
Professor Economics & Finance
Department of Economics & Finance
Manhattan College

NOTICE that this email came from a domain that is not! Also the "REDACTED" email address' domain was not Why would Manhattan College require current students to list their personal email address and not their email address when applying? That's suspicious.

Google has been instructed to quarantine these emails so the original email is now not in our inboxes, spam folders, etc. If you forwarded the email, you may still have that forwarded copy. For instance, maybe you automatically forward all your email to a non account. Please for your own good, delete it, and do it interact with those phishers. And while you have the time, stop automatically forwarding email to a non account.

Similar phishing campaigns have resulted in money mule scams. Take time to talk to others about being alert to scams.