Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey Horan - Gimme a #High5

#TellITS - As part of ITS's efforts to enhance WIFI in Horan Hall,
we have implemented a temporary network called JASPERNET5.  The new JASPERNET5 network operates on the 802.11n 5GHz band which is not prone to the same level of interference that is ordinarily present on the 802.11n 2.4GHz band.  On this higher frequency 5GHz band, there is more capacity (more channels) resulting in what we hope to be a better WIFI experience for students in Horan.

Additionally, work is already underway to install 17 NEW hotspots in all of the 10-man suites in Horan - resulting in better coverage and more capacity for WIFI.  You may spot contractors installing these devices early this week - with expected completion Wednesday or Thursday.

The combination of these 2 efforts are already showing vast improvements is our testing.  We want to hear from you!! #TellITS

Tweet the results of your speed tests on JASPERNET5 to @MC_ITS on Twitter with the hashtag #high5

Once we have confirmed that the updated Horan WIFI is working well, we will transition to a more permanent solution.  Please note that not all devices are capable of connecting to WIFI at 5GHz and should continue to operate on JASPERNET (at 2.4GHz).