Friday, April 1, 2016

Manhattan Engineers Pioneer NEW WIFI Hotspot Technology

Release Date: 2016-04-01

Manhattan College Engineers have created a new WIFI hotspot technology that promises to deliver high-speed WIFI connectivity to an entire building with only 1 antenna.  Taking inspiration from recent advances in covert cell phone tower technology as well as architectural aspects of the Manhattan College campus, engineers have created a new WIFI hotspot antenna that is a perfect blend of form and function.

Manhattan College ITS has been quick to seize the opportunity to deploy this new WIFI antenna technology.  ITS will be deploying the new cupola WIFI antennas across campus to enhance JasperNet WIFI.  The project is expected to be completed by April 1st, 2017.  Below is an artist's rendition of what the new deployment will look like once completed.  #weneedmorecupolas

Faculty and students will now be able to enjoy 100% WIFI coverage anywhere on campus without ever feeling like they've left the quad.