Friday, March 25, 2016

Holiday Weekend - Beware of Malware and Phishing Scams

Happy Easter from ITS!

As we enter this holiday weekend, ITS would like to remind you to beware of malware or phishing scams - especially via email.  It has become quite common for malware and phishing scam campaigns to be launched over holiday weekends to delay detection and remediation by IT staff.  ITS has already seen an increase in communications of phishing or malware scams that ask users to validate account information by clicking on a malicious link or reading a malicious attachment.  Below is a sample malicious message:

Typically, these messages will appear to come from a generic "IT" or "ITS" account.  Often times they will contain poor grammar or generic wording of technical terms (unlikely to mention Manhattan-specific terminology).

If you receive a message that asks you to click an unknown link or suspicious attachment, DO NOT OPEN the link or attachment.  Instead, please verify authenticity with ITS by forwarding the message to