Tuesday, January 30, 2018

LabSeat: Find an Open Computer on Campus

Have you ever encountered a situation when you needed to use a lab computer,  but you arrived and all of the computers were already in use?  Looking for a quiet corner to study?

Well, thanks to a new web application called LabSeat that was installed on our lab computers earlier this year, you can check computer availability in real time before you leave for the lab.  This will be especially useful during busier times such as midterms and finals week as you can choose where to study by how many computers are available.

Access the LabSeat application to view computer availability via any of the methods below:

Direct Link:  
  • Take a look at the list of labs and click on the lab you would like to view    
Via the Glance MC App:  Under Featured Links:  Locate an Open Computer 

Via the college's Quicklinks on the insidemanhattan.edu website or the Glance MC App, using any of the following search terms:  computer, lab,LabSeat, etc. (Note Glance MC IOS users can save the link to their app Favorites) 

Via the ITS website: https://inside.manhattan.edu/offices/its/computer-labs.php

Click on the arrow at the end of the room and you will see:
  • A map of the Computer Lab
  • Hours computer lab is open
  • Classes scheduled in each classroom/open lab

For more information click on KBA titled: LabSeat: Find an Open Computer on Campus