Wednesday, September 18, 2019

LabStats Features Manhattan College on Homepage

Check out Rich Musal, Director of Client Services & Operations, and Anita McCarthy, Training Manager, IT Services, discussing how LabStats helped Manhattan College make better, more informed budgeting decisions for their computer labs. 
This interview is featured on the LabStats home page.

Software usage data was used to accurately adjust the amounts of licenses being purchased. A request to make more open computer labs available to students was proved unnecessary when hardware usage data was presented to administration.

IT Services uses the data from Labstats to support LabSeat. Which can be found on Quick Links (see image below.)  This  is a new web application that is installed on our lab computers.  These simple computer lab maps show computer availability in real time before you leave for the lab. This is especially useful during busier times such as midterms and finals week as students can choose where to study by how many computers are available.

Often times a lab is underutilized because students don’t know it exists. They flock to common areas like the library or student center, walking past smaller labs in department buildings or multi-use classroom labs. The data LabSeat provides solves this challenge.

For more details please review LabSeat: Find an Open Computer on Campus.

Partially reposted from the LabStats home page.