Sunday, May 6, 2018

COMPLETED: Network Maintenance - Unplanned Emergency Action

Internet services have been moved back to our primary service provider as of Saturday 5/5 after we received notification from our primary ISP that their emergency maintenance to repair construction damaged fiber optic cable had been completed.  ITS continues to monitor this connection for abnormalities, however, we are seeing no issues since Saturday.

After reviewing information available to us, we have also concluded that the Banner outage that started at approximately 11PM on May 1 was the result of poor/inconsistent network performance that we experienced when the damage occurred to our provider's fiber optic cable.  Since the network connection remained active, although performing poorly, during this incident, our backup connection did not take over (since the primary connection was not "offline").  ITS will work with our network partners to determine the best way to prevent similar issues in the future.

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May 3 2018 - Network Maintenance - Unplanned Emergency Action
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