Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Campus Wireless Upgrade

We, here at Manhattan College IT Services Department, strive to meet the growing demand for wireless accessibility. We do our best to be at the forefront of technology throughout campus. Our goal is to provide students, faculty, and staff with the best tools to facilitate learning. This includes updated computer labs, learning classrooms, and wireless throughout all buildings, both academic and dorm rooms. One way we are meeting this goal is to deploy a robust wireless network providing enough reliability and stability throughout campus.

The Networking Department within ITS will be working diligently to upgrade all wireless access points across campus starting the week of November 12th. We will complete this work with as little down time as possible, but please be patient as some down time may be inevitable. The upgrade process will be completed in the following order. Please note, this may be subject to change based off of building, classroom, and office availability:

  • Hayden Hall - Complete
  • Thomas Hall - Complete
  • Alumni Hall - Complete
  • Leo Engineering Building - Complete
  • Research and Learning Center - Complete
  • De La Salle Hall - Complete
  • Memorial Hall - Complete
  • Miguel Hall - Complete
  • Smith Hall - Complete
  • O'Malley Library - In Progress
  • Kelly Student Commons - Complete
  • Gaelic Park Athletic Center (former Mahan) - Complete

We will be working closely with Resident Life to upgrade the wireless access points in the dorms. Most of the access points are located in students' rooms, so in order to upgrade, we will need access to these rooms. Work in the dorms will commence during winter break according to the following tentative schedule:

  • Overlook Manor - Complete
  • Jasper Hall - Complete
  • Horan Hall - In Progress
  • Chrysostom Hall - Complete
  • Lee Hall

With the cooperation of the Manhattan College community, IT Services hopes to meet our goal of making seamless wireless connectivity the goal throughout campus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973.

-Network Engineer, ITS