Thursday, November 15, 2018

Invite people to an ongoing Hangouts Meet meeting

Google is adding a new way to invite people to an ongoing meeting directly within Hangouts Meet. When you’re in a Meet meeting, you’ll now see an option to “Add people” at the top of the participant list.

Add people directly from the call

Clicking on this option will open a dialog box to send them an email invite to join as a full participant or call them into the meeting by phone.

To invite someone into your meeting, simply input their email address or lookup by name from the company directory.The invited participant will receive an email with instructions to join your meeting.

Enter the person's name, email address, or phone number

As always, inviting someone using their phone number will immediately call the phone number to to add them to the meeting. They will join as an audio only participant and will not see any video or the screenshare.

For more information on inviting people to Meet meetings, check out the Help Center.

Manhattan College has video conferencing set up with Google Hangouts Meet in the following rooms:
De La Salle Hall:    Room 209
Memorial Hall:       Charter Room

Please consult 25Live to book these rooms for your video conference.

Note you don't have to be in these rooms to hold or participate in a video meeting. You can initiate or participate in a video meeting  from your desktop/laptop/mobile device meet app.(Hangouts Meet.)

More Information:

Help Center: Invite peopleBest Practices for Video ConferencesGoogle Hangouts

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