Tuesday, May 21, 2019

JasperNet SSO Updates

ITS will be updating the JasperNet SSO system throughout the week.  As a result, users will sbe directed to an updated login page.

JasperNet services will be migrated to the new login page throughout the week.  We do not anticipate any downtime or service interruptions during this update.

UPDATE: Thomas Network Issues

Update: As of 10:20am this morning, ITS believes we were able to find and correct the issue. We will continue monitoring this equipment over the next few days.

ITS has been made aware of some issues with VoIP phones and wireless access points down in  various locations throughout Thomas Hall. Most issues seem to be focused on 3rd and 4th floors.

ITS is investigating and have found some failed equipment. We are putting in a ticket with our vendor to replace this equipment. We will update the community with any new information as soon as we can.

We apologize for this inconvenience and are working as fast as we can to replace the faulty equipment. If you have any questions, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Computer Lab Software Request Deadline for Fall 2019 is July 1, 2019

If you would like to request an upgrade of a software already installed in the computer labs or if you would like us to install a new software in the computer labs on campus, please fully read through the information on the link provided and fill out the Software Request form here. (click the big green box that says “Request Service”)

Note that software listed here is already scheduled to be installed, it is not necessary to submit requests for software, unless updating to a new version.

Please note that fully completed forms are required for any change to the labs, even for free software. All software installation media and licenses are also required by the due date.

Requests for the Fall 2019 semester should be submitted by July 1, 2019. Requests submitted after the deadline may not be installed in the labs for the Fall 2019 semester. This is because we need time to develop an installation procedure and test the software in the lab environment before deploying the software. We also require a number of weeks to deploy the lab images across campus, which means our solutions need to be complete and tested several weeks prior to classes beginning.

Please submit your Software Request forms ASAP.

Network Maintenance on 5/21 - 5/23 and 5/28 - 5/30

In order to improve network reliability and stability throughout campus, ITS will be conducting upgrades on network equipment on Tuesday, May 21st thru Thursday, May 23th thru Tuesday, May 28th to Thursday, May 30th from 7 am - 9 am. These upgrades will cause local outages in certain areas on campus. This network maintenance will affect both wired and wireless networks.

The upgrade schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, May 21st
  • Memorial
  • Draddy/Alumni

Wednesday, May 22nd
  • Miguel
  • Jasper Hall
  • Hayden/Broadway Garage
  • Physical Plant

Thursday, May 23rd
  • Library
  • Horan Hall

Tuesday, May 28th
  • Thomas Hall
  • Kelly Commons
  • Lee Hall

Wednesday, May 29th
  • Overlook Manor
  • RLC

Thursday, May 30th
  • Leo
  • GPAC

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact ITS at its@manhattan.edu or at extension x-7973

Temporary Electrical Shutdown Leo Hall 5/22 at 730am

ITS has been made aware by Physical Plant of a short partial electrical shutdown in Leo Hall on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 from 730am to 9am.

The electrical shutdown will occur in the basement of Leo Hall where the main network equipment is located. This electrical shutdown will cause the network, both wired and wireless, to be down throughout the entire building until the power has been restored to the basement.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at extension x-7973 or via email its@manhattan.edu. Thank you  and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day: May 16

Participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day

In support of President O'Donnell's GAAD campus wide initiative please review these resources:

Experience Accessibility First-Hand on May 16

Whether you participate in a public or private event to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, on May 16, we encourage designers, developers, usability professionals, and everyone else to take an hour to experience first-hand the impact of digital accessibility (or lack there of).

Go Mouseless For An Hour

Go ahead and unplug your mouse and only use your keyboard alone (tab/shift tab, arrow keys, enter and spacebar) to navigate and interact with your favorite websites and applications. If you use a touchpad, trackpad or similar input method, disable it, and use the keyboard instead.
Developers and designers, we encourage you to visit a site you were involved in creating and take it for a test-drive.
  • Is there a visible focus indicator (i.e., do you know where you are) at all times as you navigate each screen using the tab and shift tab keys?
  • Are you able to interact with every element that receives focus using the keyboard alone?
  • If there is any element that provides functionality if you hover over it with your mouse, such as revealing a tooltip or a set of actions, can you display this strictly using the keyboard alone?

Enlarge Your Fonts

Check that your page(s) is accessible and usable for low vision/visually impaired users.
To do this, use your browser and resize the text to 200 percent. Now look at the screen, and make sure there is no loss of content or functionality.
Have all elements resized, including all widgets?
To meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V2.0 Level AA, the only allowable exceptions are captions and images of text.

Check for Sufficient Color Contrast

An often forgotten but important accessibility item is making sure that a page has sufficient color contrast.
Download a color contrast analyzer such as this one from The Paciello Group (which works for Windows and Mac) and find out how your page(s) stack up.

Check Order of Elements

Check your Page(s) to make sure elements will be read by screen readers in the correct order.
To check this, disable the page's stylesheets and compare the order of elements before and after.

Surf The Web With A Screen Reader For An Hour

There are a number of free/open source screen readers available for Windows users. One of the more popular ones is NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA). Take a bit of time beforehand to download the software and learn some of NVDA’s documented basic keystrokes.
Mac users, you have a built-in screen reader called VoiceOver on your systems. Take some time to visit the site referenced to familiarize yourself with how to turn on VoiceOver and some of the basic keystrokes.
On May 16, unplug your mouse (blind users do not use the mouse), launch your screen reader, and spend an hour using some of your favorite sites strictly using the keyboard alone (tab/shift tab, arrow keys, enter and spacebar) and not the mouse/trackpad. Why not turn off your screen and depend strictly on the information conveyed by the screen reader.
Developers and designers, we encourage you to visit a site you were involved in creating and take it for a test-drive.

Learn About And Use Other OS/Mobile Accessibility Features

The Windows 10 Operating System has a number of built-in accessibility features, as does the Mac Operating SystemiPhoneAndroid, and BlackBerry devices also have accessibility features. Take an hour to explore what these are and try them out on the Web. In the case of the mobile devices, why not try using some of your favorite apps with different accessibility features enabled.

Try Other Adaptive Software Tools

The Adaptech Research Network has a library of free or inexpensive software that is useful to people with disabilities. Why not try one or more of these software.

Contact IT Services with any questions:

Partially reposted from:  Participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day

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