Friday, March 20, 2020

Client Services Coverage for the Rest of the Spring Semester [Online Only]

As the college is experiencing some disturbances to its normal routine, ITS would like to take this time to update you about our support plan for the duration of this disruption to normal operations. We are striving to keep our support as smooth and regular as possible. We are also asking you to understand that we are taking precautions by practicing social distancing, to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please keep this in mind as you are reading our updates.

  • All physical Client Services office locations will be closed for the duration.  There will be no physical on campus support resources.
  • You will need to submit tickets either via email at or, for more rapid replies, use this request form. We will not have anyone answering phones, but will reply to voicemails. The fastest way to reach us is to use this request form.
  • We are striving to maintain our normal staffing coverage remotely. As per usual, coverage is reliant on student availability.
  • Please also keep an eye on our blog posts and announcements as the situation changes minute by minute, we will update the blog to communicate any changes to operational status. Please follow these instructions to subscribe to the blog.