Thursday, August 27, 2020

Students and Faculty can now access campus software Remotely

Access to campus computer labs and software is now available to students studying Remotely.  A new service of the same name has been implemented over the summer in response to restrictions presented by COVID-19.  
Windows applications stacked

To accommodate social distancing requirements, every other seat in campus classrooms and computer labs has been left vacant - reducing classroom capacity by at least half.  In computer labs with fixed seating, this meant that every other computer could not be used and would sit idle.  Seeing an opportunity, ITS worked to implement a solution that could use the computing power of the unused workstations to provide students studying remotely access to the same experience as those students sitting in the room.

To access campus computer labs Remotely, locate the following icon in Quicklinks or search for "Remotely":

Remotely Quicklinks Icon

The main page for Remotely contains a list of rooms available for remote access as well as instructions for accessing these resources.  All you need is a web browser!