Known Issues

This is the ITS page of known issues. We update this page regularly with any issues that may affect the Manhattan College Community.

As the Fall 2015 semester begins, we are working diligently to resolve the following issues with our new lab images. We apologize for any trouble these issues may cause. Please let us know if you run into any issues that are not listed below by reporting them to

Known issues currently affecting labs:

High Priority

  • Excel error: "Your entry cannot be used. An integer or decimal number may be required."
    • Intermittently affecting all computer labs.
  • Primavera is nonfunctional
    • Affecting all computer labs.

Medium Priority

  • Firefox asking to save password.
    • Affected Rooms: RLC 103, 208, OMAL 206, 410, 506, MGL 110
  • Printers not defaulting to double sided printing.
    • Affected Rooms: RLC 103, OMAL 206, 410, 506 
  • Browsers asking to be default browser.
    • Affecting all computer labs.
  • Browsers asking to import settings from other browsers as well as other setting prompts upon loading.
    • Affecting all computer labs.

Temporary Classroom (Podium) Computers:

All renovated classrooms have a temporary workstation installed. In some rooms, these computers currently have extra software installed on them that will be removed by the end of the Fall semester.