Known Issues

This is the ITS page of known issues. We update this page regularly with any issues that may affect the Manhattan College Community.

As the Fall 2015 semester begins, we are working diligently to resolve the following issues with our new lab images. We apologize for any trouble these issues may cause. Please let us know if you run into any issues that are not listed below.

Known issues currently affecting all labs:

  • Chrome Homepage does not direct to the correct Manhattan College Computer Lab page. We have a fix for this. We are working on rolling it out across campus.
  • Adobe Flash Player is out of date. Work around: Use Chrome. Chrome has Flash Player built into the browser.
  • Adobe products are not functioning. This issue was brought to our attention late Friday afternoon. This issue is currently under investigation.

Other known issues that are being resolved ASAP in the following rooms:

LEO 102, MGL 110, OMAL 206, RLC 102/104/105/107/208
  • Microsoft Office has an error message upon launch referencing "Default Program File Extensions". Once message is dismissed, Office applications will load. We have a fix for this. We are working on rolling it out across campus.
  • Access to the printers is unpredictable. We have a fix for this. We are working on rolling it out across campus.

Specific Room Issues:

Temporary Classroom (Podium) Computers:
All renovated classrooms have a temporary workstation installed. In some rooms, these computers currently have extra software installed on them that will be removed by the end of the Fall semester.
DLS 301: The projector is slightly tilted at an angle.

DLS 307: There is an issue with the projector not receiving signal.
MGL 312: The HDMI audio extractor needs to be replaced. In the interim, audio for HDMI has been routed to the projector speaker. Audio will temporarily be less loud than usual.

RLC 208 and LEO 102:
  • AutoCAD files are not being saved properly.
  • A wireshark update notification comes up, once dismissed, wireshark loads properly.
  • Slow login time.
Existing Podium Issues Needing Attention. Unable to log into desktop on the podium PC:
Miguel 304
Miguel 306
Miguel 308
Miguel 314
Leo 330