Thursday, October 15, 2015

Global Handwashing Day - Technology Hygiene

Join ITS in celebrating Global Handwashing Day and promoting good hygiene when using computing devices.   As we approach the winter months and the end of the fall semester, it's important to stay healthy and productive.  One way to prevent getting sick is to practice good hygiene when using shared computers and devices.

Global Handwashing Day is an internationally celebrated day to promote good hygiene through handwashing with soap. At Manhattan College, we are doing our part to extend the concepts of Global Handwashing Day and apply them to the ways that we operate in ITS and handle electronic devices and computers.  One way that we are promoting good hygiene is by providing hand sanitizer dispenser in all campus computer labs.  Personal computer keyboards, mice, and cell phones can be a hotbed for germs as well.  Besides disinfecting these surfaces between uses, handwashing before and after use can significantly reduce the spread of germs when using these devices. For information on cleaning your electronic devices:

Global Handwashing Day website:

Computer Hygiene Information (UK)

Computer Keyboard Hygiene (Healthcare)