Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Updates to JasperNet SignOn Page #GreenMeansGo

The JasperNet SignOn page will be updated the week of 10/12 and will receive a new name -

Accompanying the new name is a new way to identify the JasperNet SignOn page as a secure site to provide your password.  The new site will take advantage of "Extended Validation" (EV) SSL certificate technology.  By using an EV certificate, will turn the URL bar of your browser green and display the name "Manhattan College".

What does EV Look like?

EV trusted sites will display a green section in the address bar that may look slightly different on different browsers, but always look for the green "lock" icon.  #GreenMeansGo

Going forward, ITS will be working to move ALL JasperNet services to the new #GreenMeansGo login page on  ALL sites that ask for your JasperNet password will eventually be moved to the new login page.