Wednesday, October 14, 2015

JsaperNet SignOn Page - Intermittent Interruptions

JasperNet users access the new JasperNet SignOn page may experience intermittent interruptions during periods of peak utilization while we continue to tune the new system.  ITS has been made aware that some users experienced a temporary error on Tuesday during peak periods of usage.  In the case that you receive an error accessing the new SignOn page, please refresh the page until a permanent solution is implemented.   This issue does not affect JasperNet users AFTER they have successfully signed in to the new page.  Thank you for your patience as we fine-tune this new enhancement.

ITS has identified the cause of the issue.  We have moved Banner services (INB, SSB, and Workflow) back to the "old" login page as a temporary measure to avoid further interruptions.  A fix has been deployed and is currently being tested.  We hope to move Banner services back to the new login page the week of 10/19.