Thursday, August 29, 2019

Wireless Printing Using Web Print

Manhattan College has incorporated a new feature that allows clients to print wirelessly from their own laptops anywhere on campus. PaperCut's Web Print allows you to upload PDF files  and print them at any computer lab on campus. Review this video tutorial for wireless printing instructions:

1. In your browser window enter

2.  For Username and Password, enter your Jaspernet Credentials.  

Click on Log in

Note that this only works when connected to the campus network.

3.  Once you’re logged in, you will automatically be brought to Web Print. Click on Submit a Job to begin choosing the file to print. Here you may also check up on your printing allowance and recent print jobs. 
image depicting web print tab
 4. From there, select the printer you want to use, the number of copies you would like to print, and then upload the files you want to print. The supported files are:
  • PDF’s 
  • Most programs allow conversion to PDF 
   5.  Click Upload & Complete and it will begin to upload the files and render them. Once it has done that, it will place you on the print queue and process your job.
   6.  Log Out when you have completed your printing.

Reach out to ITS with any questions:

Tel:       718-862-7973