Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Partial License Server Outage

One of the primary license servers for specialty software is down. We are aware of the issue and working on resolving the problem as soon as possible. In the interim, certain pieces of software may be inaccessible.

If you are having trouble with a particular piece of software, please open a ticket with ITS by sending an email to [its@manhattan.edu] indicating which piece of software you are experiencing trouble with, when the trouble began, and how crucial the use of the software is. We are triaging based on specific issues reported, so please do not hesitate to inform us of the issue that you are experiencing.

List of known, potentially affected software:

  • 3DS Abaqus Research License
  • Computer and Structures SAP2000
  • COMSOL Multiphysics
  • Maplesoft Maple
  • National Instruments LabView
  • Siemens NX
  • Tekla Structures
  • Trane Trace 700
  • Wolfram Mathematica

Summer Collaboration Challenge: Week2 - Docs, Sheets, and Slides #14weekchallenge

Still using Microsoft Office to edit files locally on your computer?

Forget where you saved that important Word Doc or Excel Spreadsheet?

Lose track of which document version you passed around for review?

Does your PowerPoint presentation look differently when you are presenting from a different computer?

With online editing and sharing of docs (Word), sheets (Excel), and slides (Powerpoint) your problems will be solved....

Getting started with Docs
Let's start by getting introduced to Docs - an online replacement for Microsoft Word.  The following tutorial will walk you through a number of steps to become more familiar with Docs.  The same can be repeated for Sheets (replaces Excel) and Slides (replaces PowerPoint).

Assignment (10 minutes):  Complete the "Introduction to Docs" tutorial by creating, editing, and sharing a new Doc.

Extra Credit:  Try the same tutorial for Sheets and Slides.
Slides - https://apps.google.com/learning-center/products/slides/get-started/

Perhaps the most important recent feature update to Google Apps (Docs, Slides, and Sheets) is the ability to work offline without an Internet connection.  By enabling "Offline Mode" within Google Drive, you'll have access to edit all of your files from a Chrome browser wherever you are - even when WIFI is spotty or unavailable.

Assignment (1 minute):  Enable OFFLINE MODE for Google Drive.

note:  it may take a while to make all files and folders accessible offline.  After enabling "offline mode", disconnect from WIFI and try creating and editing a new Doc or Sheet.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Microsoft Pushing Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is being very proactive about pushing out its latest OS update.  We are seeing that this OS is being pushed out to client computers without their involvement.  If this has happens to you, it is no cause for concern.  The new OS will look a little different.  If you have any questions, please contact its@manhattan.edu

Monday, May 23, 2016

Summer Collaboration Challenge: Week1 - Google Drive #14weekchallenge

Let's kick off week 1 of the #14weekchallenge by introducing Google Drive, or Drive for short.  Drive is part of your JasperNet account that provides virtually unlimited online storage space.  We'll explore various parts Drive as a foundation for future weeks.

Google Drive Basics

Starting to use Google Drive is a simple as clicking the Drive icon from the Google Apps menu at the top right of any Google App including Gmail.  ITS provides documentation on getting started with Google Drive as well as answers to commonly asked questions about using Drive here:

Assignment:  Click on the Google Apps menu and open Google Drive.  Upload a file.


Once you have added files to Google Drive, you can choose to keep the files private (default) or share with colleagues or friends.  Files are accessible anywhere, from any device.  Locate the file that you just uploaded or add another file to explore sharing settings in Drive.

Assignment:  Share a file that you've uploaded to Google Drive.  

Finding Files - Add to My Drive

Finding files is easy with Drive.  Drive uses Google's powerful search technology to find files that best match your search.  Drive also allows you to add files that have been shared with you to your Drive - not by copying the file, but rather giving you direct access to the same file that has been shared with you.  Simply click the "Add to My Drive" icon to make the file available whenever you access Drive without the need to search.

Assignment:  Find a file that has been shared with you and add to "My Drive"

Drive Sync - Backup

Google Drive Sync brings the power of Google Drive right to your computer.  Drive Sync silently synchronizes files from your computer to the Google Cloud - giving you access to your files anywhere and anytime while still allowing you to edit them natively and locally on your computer.  Keeping all of your files in the Google Drive folder of your computer ensures that your files are safe, secure, and backed up to Google's Drive cloud.

Getting a new computer?  No problem, let Drive Sync transfer your files to the new computer without the need to manage cumbersome backups and file transfers.  It all happens behind the scenes while you work on more important things.

Assignment:  Install and configure Google Drive Sync

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RESOLVED: Network Outage - Parts of Miguel Hall

As of approximately 3:50 we believe all Jaspernet Services to be functioning normally in Miguel hall.


2:55PM - ITS has identified a failed network component in Miguel Hall.  WIFI and "newer" network connections remain UNAFFECTED.  Currently only some "older" connections in Miguel hall are offline.  ITS is working to replace the failed component.

2:39PM - ITS has received reports of network issues in Memorial and Miguel Halls.  We are currently investigating and will have an update shortly.

ITS to launch 14-week Summer Collaboration Challenge #14weekchallenge #howispentmysummervacation

Starting Monday May 23rd, ITS will be releasing a series of weekly tips aimed at improving communication and collaboration within the Manhattan College Community.  A new tip will be available each week for the 14-weeks between commencement and the start of the 2016-2017 academic year. Whether you are on campus or at home - student or employee - anyone can participate!  

The 14-week Summer Collaboration Challenge will include tips and tricks ranging from basic to advanced topics such as email, Google Apps, ways to communicate to large audiences, better manage time and activities via online calendars, and many more. Participants will have the opportunity to complete each phase of the 14-week challenge at their own pace - all at once, or as topics are released. Track your progress by completing a short questionnaire at the end of each challenge and earn the 14-week Collaboration Challenge badge at the end of the program!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Self-Service OFFLINE

ITS is aware of an issue affecting Self-Service.  We are currently troubleshooting the issue and will have an update shortly.  Users accessing Self-Service are currently able to authenticate to the system, however, navigating to links within Self-Service is not working.

Update:  Service restored approximately 12:05PM.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Room Checks are Electronic

You may have noticed a paper room check sign in sheet in your classroom.  In our continued efforts toward sustainability, these sheets will no longer be utilized.  All ITS Room Checks will be logged in Banner Self Service.  If you wish to review a room check report for a particular room, simply email its@manhattan.edu to request the record for a room.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Classroom Technology Survey

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on the latest generation Renovated Classroom.  We will use this feedback when planning for future renovations.
Click here for the survey.

Monday, May 9, 2016

List of Software Requestable for Manhattan College Owned Devices

In our continued efforts to provide exceptional customer service, we have created a new Knowledge Base Article (KBA) that lists all software that is available for installation on Manhattan College owned computers.  This list is a work in progress.  We are constantly working with vendors to secure the most cost efficient licensing options for the College.  We do not have all available software listed yet.  We are inventorying all software and listing once we confirm.  Here is a link to the KBA.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Please spread the word.  ITS is looking for an Information Technology Services Training Coordinator.  See posting here.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Computer Lab Software Request Deadline - Friday, May 13th, 2016

If you would like to request an upgrade of a software already installed in the computer labs OR if you would like us to install a new software in the computer labs on campus, please fill out the Software Request form linked to below (click the big green box that says “Request Service”):

Please note that fully completed forms are required for any change to the labs, even for free software. All software installation media and licenses are also required by the due date. 

Requests for the Fall 2016 semester should be submitted by Friday, May 13th, 2016. Requests submitted after the deadline may not be installed in the labs for the Fall 2016 semester. This is because we need time to develop an installation procedure and test the software in the lab environment before deploying the software. We also require a number of weeks to deploy the lab images across campus, which means our solutions need to be complete and tested several weeks prior to classes beginning.

Please submit your Software Request forms ASAP.