Thursday, August 29, 2019

Kramer VIA GO Wireless, AirPlay Version 2 Presentation System

The Kramer VIA GO, which is being labeled as AirPlay Version 2, is a new wireless presentation solution found in all classrooms on campus. 

It allows you to present devices such as PC, Mac, Android/iOS, and Chromebook wirelessly.

Note that you are still able to present using AirPlay the same way as before. This new system only expands support for wireless connectivity in addition to additional features.

One of the new features the Kramer VIA GO, AirPlay Version 2 supports is the ability to present up to two devices wirelessly at the same time. For example, if two students want to present their laptops at the same time, they can do so. The Kramer VIA GO also allows you to connect to AirPlay either through their VIA app or through the AirPlay icon in Mac and iOS devices how you normally would with AirPlay. Two simultaneous connections can be made when both users are connected using the Kramer app, or one is using an AirPlay connection and the other is using a Kramer app connection. Two AirPlay connections cannot be simultaneously presented.

The Kramer VIA GO has multiple ways in which you can stream videos. The first method allows you to present videos by mirroring whatever is shown on your device. While this method works well, it is not the best way to present videos. Instead, you can present downloaded videos by using the Kramer VIA GO dashboard menu. You can drag and drop the video file onto the “VIA” logo which will automatically play the video on the projector. Alternatively, you can select Features, and the select Multimedia where you can add a library of videos, which can be selected and played individually.

Please see this KBA for detailed instructions on playing videos: Playing Video with Kramer VIA GO

Please take this brief Kramer VIA GO AirPlay Version 2 Wireless Presentation survey to let us know what you think about the Kramer VIA GO.

If you have additional questions about how to use the new Kramer VIA GO wireless presentation system please contact 
IT Services: or TEL: 718-862-7973

Wireless Printing Using Web Print

Manhattan College has incorporated a new feature that allows clients to print wirelessly from their own laptops anywhere on campus. PaperCut's Web Print allows you to upload PDF files  and print them at any computer lab on campus. Review this video tutorial for wireless printing instructions:

1. In your browser window enter

2.  For Username and Password, enter your Jaspernet Credentials.  

Click on Log in

Note that this only works when connected to the campus network.

3.  Once you’re logged in, you will automatically be brought to Web Print. Click on Submit a Job to begin choosing the file to print. Here you may also check up on your printing allowance and recent print jobs. 
image depicting web print tab
 4. From there, select the printer you want to use, the number of copies you would like to print, and then upload the files you want to print. The supported files are:
  • PDF’s 
  • Most programs allow conversion to PDF 
   5.  Click Upload & Complete and it will begin to upload the files and render them. Once it has done that, it will place you on the print queue and process your job.
   6.  Log Out when you have completed your printing.

Reach out to ITS with any questions:

Tel:       718-862-7973

Crestron Multihead Dongle

Multihead Dongle

Have you ever been to a classroom that has a cable type your laptop does not support? With the new Crestron Multihead dongle, podiums equipped with the Crestron Control units will now support these four connections:
  • USB Type C
  • Mini Display Port
  • Display Port
  • HDMI
    Photo of Crestron Multihead Dongle
    Crestron Mulithead Dongle

    These Multihead dongle contain all four of these connections on a single cable, meaning you just connect whichever connection your device supports. With the addition of the new Kramer VIA GO wireless presentation systems installed all over campus, the presentation possibilities are endless.

    This guide highlights the podium guide which explains the classroom technology that makes use of the Multihead dongle. (Scroll down to view the podium guide with the multihead cable.)

    Please take this brief Crestron Multihead Dongle Survey to let us know what you think about the new Multihead dongle.

    If you have additional questions about how to use the new Crestron Multihead Dongle please contact:
    IT Services or TEL: 718-862-7973

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    COMPLETE: MCS, ProDev, and LMSCourseDev Moodle Maintenance - Monday 9/9/2019 8AM-12PM

    09/09/2019 11:40AM UPDATE: As of approximately 11:30 AM Monday 9/9/2019, Moodle Community Service, ProDev, and LMSCourseDev updates are complete and the systems are back online. 

    COMPLETE: MCS, ProDev, and LMSCourseDev Moodle system maintenance has been rescheduled from Friday 9/6/2019 to Monday 9/9/2019. These systems will be running normally on Friday 9/6/2019, but will be offline Monday 9/9/2019 from 8AM-12PM. The main Moodle system ( will not be affected.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019

    Free Install of Office 365 for up to 5 Personal Devices

    Are you still running a really old version of Microsoft Office on your personal device? Have you been avoiding an upgrade to avoid having to pay for it? Well now you no longer have an excuse for not upgrading.

    We've worked with our Microsoft representatives to make Office 365 available to you for free on up to 5 personal devices.

    image of icons associated with Office 365, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    This Knowledge Base Article walks you through the process of creating an account on Microsoft's portal. The entire process takes about 5 minutes. It's simple and quick. Once you've created an account, you can install Office 365 on up to 5 personal devices for free.


    Reach out to ITS with any questions:
    Tel:       718-862-7973

    Sunday, August 25, 2019

    Welcome Back! Fall Semester IT Services Announcements

    We would like to welcome everyone back to campus and trust everyone had a relaxing and restorative summer break.

    ITS Summer Updates

    Client Services and Operations had a busy and very productive summer and would like to share some of our updates and accomplishments as we strive to be a strategic partner and provide exceptional customer service to the entire Manhattan College Community:

    Computer Classroom Projector Upgrades 

    The purpose of this project is to upgrade projectors across campus to the latest standard.  The objective is to, beginning with smart classrooms, (rooms featuring Crestron units) replace any Dell projector with the Casio laser models. A total of 19 classrooms across campus were upgraded with laser projectors this summer.

    Computer Lab Upgrades

    Our goal with this initiative is to follow a four year refresh cycle to keep equipment current across campus.  ITS tracks inventory and upgrades labs based on computer warranty expiration date. Faculty and students will return to campus to find significant improvements in the following labs:

    De La Salle Hall Room 309
    O'Malley Library 1st Floor Computer Lab
    Research & Learning Center Room 102

    The new computers are small form factor, they will be placed on top of the tables behind the monitors, the new set up allows for more leg room and the computers will be easier to turn on.

    ITS Retrofits

    The purpose of this project is to upgrade classrooms with older technology, so they can meet the current standard.  The following classrooms were updated:

    De La Salle Hall Room 309
    Hayden Hall Room 404
    Research & Learning Center Room 102

    Classroom Renovation included a joint effort with the Facilities Project Management team

    IT Services supported converting De La Salle 300, the Capalbo Room, into a latest generation classroom with a laser projector, two TV monitors, 6 ceiling speakers, and a new Kramer VIA GO wireless presentation system. This room is also awaiting a new podium and a Chromebox for Meetings which will allow for video conferencing capability.

    Summer Training Initiatives include:

    Faculty and staff were able to dive deeper into Google Apps by participating in an 8 week Google Collaboration Challenge (#GSuite Collab). Participants who rose to the challenge not only improved their Google skills in Google Drive, Docs, Calendar and Forms but were awarded a Credly Digital Badge. The training materials are in an online Moodle Course: Google Summer Collaboration Challenge, for those wishing to improve their Google Skills this semester!

    ITS Service Report link takes you to a series of links to reports generated by our ticketing and project management system. It includes data with regard to our service delivery statistics but also contains information with regard to rooms that are currently facing technology issues.

    Not sure if a classroom issue has been resolved? Click here for an up to date Room Issues Report: Complete with details on current status of each room that has an issue.

    ITS STARS Update:

    A Student Technology And Resource Specialist (STARS) is a Manhattan College student who exemplifies Lasallian values by utilizing their unique skill set to assist members of the Manhattan College community. A STAR has a combination of excellent interpersonal communication skills and technology knowledge. STARS show compassion when working with members of the community who are having technical difficulties. STARS will be going through ongoing training this Fall and upgrading their technical skills in order to offer even stronger support to the Manhattan College community. Managers are organizing training and a student management hierarchy with the continued goal of a 90% student run Client Services department in the upcoming Fall 2019 semester.


    Have a question? Check out our Knowledge Base first.

    The best way to get in touch with a Client Services representative is an email to 
    or a phone call to x7973 (718-862-7973) 
    Note that email and voicemail for this line go to our ticketing system so we encourage you to leave a message

    Please follow these instructions to update your personal email address:

    How to Update Your Personal Email.

    Remember that IT Services will never ask you for your password.

    We encourage you all to please reset your computer password and provide the temporary password to ITS prior to dropping it off at Client Services. If you do not do this prior, please allocate an extra 5 minutes to work with a Client Services representative so that we can assist you in changing your password when working with us. Upon completion of work on your computer, please allocate another 5 minutes so that a Client Services representative can assist you in changing your password back to its original state. This is necessary in order to safeguard your password. Remember that you should never give your password out to anyone under any circumstances. Note that the same procedure holds true when you are requesting assistance with one of your Manhattan College accounts. For more details about best practices for keeping your information secure at Manhattan College click this Cyber Safety link found on the ITS website.

    Client Services can NOT lend out equipment to students. If a student needs equipment for a project, they must have a Manhattan College employee sign out equipment on their behalf. Note that the Manhattan College employee is responsible for that equipment.

    Client Services can provide short-term loaner equipment such as laptops and projectors by reservation. Note that if equipment is needed long term, it should be purchased via your department.

    In lieu of loaning certain cables and remotes, Client Services has installed commonly used VGA and Audio cables as well as projector remotes in all yet-to-be-renovated classrooms. Network cables will be provided to faculty upon request. Faculty requiring other specialty cables or adapters (such as Apple VGA adapters) should contact Client Services for assistance purchasing this equipment as they are not stocked or provided by Client Services.

    The Client Services office does not work on personal computers. We will train employees and students and instruct them on how to fix their computers, but personal computers cannot be dropped off for service. No personal items should ever be left in any of the Client Services offices.

    Please remember to plan event setups in advance. We work with limited resources so we cannot always complete last minute requests.

    Client Services currently has 2 convenient locations: Jasper Hall, Ground Floor, North Side & RLC 103C. Please stop by the location closest to you. We encourage you to call first to be sure that someone is available as we are constantly assisting the Manhattan College community.

    Client Services Hours of Operations can be found here.

    Computer Lab Hours can be found here.

    Campus-owned computers are purchased with hardware support provided by the manufacturer. ITS will diagnose and determine whether manufacturer hardware support is needed. For the fastest service, clients are also able to contact the manufacturer directly to access hardware support and replacement.

    Your feedback helps us improve our service and should be sent to: Tell ITS

    Don't forget to add us to your Google+ circles +ITS.  Follow us on Twitter @MC_ITS and Instagram mc_ITS.

    Check out our Manhattan College ITS Blog.

    Thanks and wishing everyone a productive semester on behalf of the ITS team!

    Friday, August 23, 2019

    Computer Recommendations

    ITS often fields questions about which computer we would recommend for purchase:

    Should I buy a Mac or a PC?     Should I buy a laptop or a desktop?  If I want to use an older computer will it be good enough?  What features should I get on my computer?

     Attached find 2 Knowledge Base Articles which address the following:

    ITS Computer Recommendations for Employees
    These are the standard ITS recommended computers for college purchases.

    ITS Personal PC Recommendations
    Students: Check with your Academic Adviser for advice as to what the best computer is for your program for software compatibility reasons.

    ITS Prioritized Support 8/26-9/6

    ITS Client Services will be providing priority support to classroom and network support requests from Monday, 8/26 - Friday, 9/6. Response times for all other requests will be slower than normal.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thursday, August 22, 2019

    POSTPONED: Con Ed Shutdown - Alumni, Draddy, Lee Hall - Tuesday, 8/27/19

    UPDATE: This power shutdown has been postponed. Once we receive the new maintenance period, we will update the community.

    Con Edison has informed Physical Plant that they need to replace a transformer external to the College on one of the services that provides electricity to the College.  Accordingly, there will be a shutdown of normal power on Tuesday, August 27, 2019 from 10am to 12noon in the following buildings:

    Alumni Hall
    Draddy Hall
    Lee Hall

    Alumni and Draddy will be evacuated when the shutdown begins.

    Lee Hall can remain occupied as there is a generator for life safety systems (i.e. one elevator, hallway lighting, stairwell lighting, fire alarm).

    For the duration of the power shutdown, there will be no wired or wireless Internet in the above buildings. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. No other buildings will be affected during this power shutdown.

    If you have any questions, you can contact ITS at or by calling extension x-7973.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019

    Dorm Wifi Feedback Form

    Students, welcome back to another semester here at Manhattan College! 

    Over the last year, ITS has been making strides to improve the wireless networks across all of campus, including in all of the dorms. Last summer, ITS was able to upgrade all of the wireless access points in Overlook Manor and this summer, the Networking Team worked diligently to upgrade the wireless access points installed throughout Jasper Hall, Chrysostom Hall, Lee Hall, and Horan Hall in hopes to improve the wireless reliability and stability. If you are experiencing any wireless issues in your dorm, please let us know by filling out the Dorm Wifi Feedback form! These forms greatly help us improve wireless in the dorms.

    There are a couple of ways you can access the form to provide your wifi feedback:

    • You can visit the following link to access the form:

    • Access the form from the GlanceMC app, found under the Featured Links section

    Understanding the Basics of Online Safety and Security

    Americans use 3,138,420 GB of internet data every minute of the day. It is safe to say that being online is now a way of life for many. Engaging in safe and secure online practices helps protect against the risks of living life on the internet.
    Shopping, surfing, banking, gaming, and connecting Internet of Things devices such as toasters and refrigerators are some of the many actions performed each minute in cyberspace. These common everyday activities carry the cyber threats of social engineering to gain unauthorized access to data, identity theft, bullying, location tracking, and phishing, to name just a few. How can we decrease our risk from these cyber threats without abandoning our online activities altogether? Here are some basic online tips everyone can follow to help stay secure while online.

    • Set up alerts. Consider setting up alerts on your financial accounts. Many credit card companies and banks allow you to set up alerts on your accounts via their websites. These alerts range from sending you an email or text each time a transaction happens on your account to alerts when transactions meet or exceed a designated spending limit that you set. These alerts keep you in control of your accounts' activities. These types of alerts are useful because they make you aware of what's going on with your account quicker than waiting for monthly statements. When you receive an alert about a transaction that you did not authorize, you can reach out to the credit card company or bank immediately. Log into your credit card company and banking websites to set up alerts on your accounts.
    • Keep devices and apps up to date. This familiar tip is useful even if you are just casually surfing the internet. Keeping your devices up to date (including apps and operating systems) ensures you have the latest security fixes.
    • Don't use public Wi-Fi. In addition to an updated device, the network the device is connected to is also important. Did you have to enter a password to connect to a Wi-Fi network? If you did, that network is more secure than an open one that any device within range can connect to. Whenever possible, use a secure network, especially when banking or shopping online.
    • Consider using a VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and its main purpose is to provide a tunnel for encrypted internet traffic. If you are connected to the internet without using a VPN, your traffic is passed through the internet service provider's servers. The location of your device is known, and if you must connect to a public Wi-Fi network, there is a risk of snooping by other devices on the same network. Connecting to a VPN redirects your internet traffic to a remote server, encrypting the traffic, reducing the snooping risk. There are many options for VPN software today for consumers and businesses. Do your research and decide which one makes sense for your online needs.
    • Create unique passwords. Here's another familiar tip. Using the same password for many sites is not a best practice. Suppose that one of your accounts suffered a data breach and your password was exposed. If you reused this password on other accounts, it's likely that someone would be able to access those accounts as well (especially if your user name is an email address). Consider using a password manager to manage all your passwords. Not only do these tools manage all your passwords, they can also create strong passwords and can even autofill your username and password as you go to websites on different browsers.
    • Be vigilant. Be aware, there are fake websites out there waiting to collect your valuable information. Make sure you are on a legitimate site by double-checking the URL website address to make sure it is spelled correctly. Also make sure you see a padlock and https:// in the URL.
    Remember that you are in control of your online activities. Following these security tips will give you peace of mind while online.

    Be Secure Online! Refer to Manhattan College's Cyber Safety site for additional resources.

    Refer to Manhattan College's Email Signature Knowledge Base Article for instructions on how to create your own email signature.

    Monday, August 19, 2019

    Windows 8.1 End of Life Schedule

    Every Windows product has a life cycle. The life cycle begins when a product is released and ends when it's no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this life cycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade or make other changes to your software. 
    Windows 8.1 Mainstream support will end January 9, 2018
    Windows 8.1 Extended support will end January 10, 2023
    Microsoft Support Reference to determine: Which Windows operating system am I running?


    Manhattan College ITS loads Windows 10 on all ITS supported compatible devices.

    Next Steps

    If you happen to have a computer with Windows 8.1 please upgrade your computer to Windows 10 before January 9, 2018.  You can contact ITS for assistance.

    Windows 7 End of Life Schedule

    Every Windows product has a life cycle. The life cycle begins when a product is released and ends when it's no longer supported. Knowing key dates in this life cycle helps you make informed decisions about when to update, upgrade or make other changes to your software. 
    Windows 7 Support will end January 14, 2020.
    Microsoft Support Reference to determine: Which Windows operating system am I running?


    Manhattan College ITS loads Windows 10 on all ITS supported compatible devices.

    Next Steps

    If you happen to have a computer with Windows 7 please upgrade your computer before January 14, 2020.  You can contact ITS for assistance.
    Further details:  Windows 7 End of Life Schedule 

    Friday, August 16, 2019

    COMPLETE: Leo/GPAC Electrical Shutdown 8/16 7am-10am

    UPDATE: This maintenance has been completed.

    There will be an electrical shutdown in Leo on Saturday, August 17th from 7am-10am.

    This shutdown will impact the Leo basement data closet. This electrical shutdown will cause both wired and wireless networks to be affected throughout all of Leo and the GPAC building for the duration of the electrical shutdown. Phones will also be affected during the outage as well.

    If you have any questions about the electrical shutdown, you can contact Physical Plant. If you have any questions about the wired or wireless networks in the building, you can contact ITS at extension x-7973 or via email at We apologize for any inconvenience.


    UPDATE: Network has been restored across all of campus as of 10:30am.

    Physical Plant is currently conducting emergency electrical maintenance in Horan Hall that has forced them to shut power off to Horan Hall. This has caused two of our main network equipments to drop offline. Currently all of main campus is affected due to this emergency maintenance.

    ITS is currently monitoring the situation and will update the community as best as we can.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    COMPLETE: Moodle Scheduled Maintenance Monday 8/19 5AM-11AM

    UPDATE: As of 10:40AM Monday 8/19/2019, the Moodle scheduled maintenance and updates have been completed. Moodle is now AVAILABLE

    Previous: The Manhattan College Moodle system will be OFFLINE for system maintenance starting at 5AM on Monday 8/19.  During this time, we will be upgrading the current Moodle 3.5 system to the latest Moodle 3.7, as well as implementing important system updates in preparation for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

    We anticipate that the maintenance will be completed between 5AM - 11AM during which time the Moodle system will be UNAVAILABLE.  

    Tuesday, August 13, 2019

    UPDATED: 9:57AM OUTAGE Leo Hall - 2019-0813

    Update: 9:57am Connectivity is currently being restored building wide.

    ITS is currently investigating hardware failure In Leo hall affecting all wired and wireless network access.

    Technicians are on site as we are working to repair as quickly as possible.

    The next update will be 10:pm or sooner.

    Wednesday, August 7, 2019

    Helping Students Find Available Computers on Campus

    LabSeat is a new web application that was installed on our lab computers last year.  These simple computer lab maps show computer availability in real time before you leave for the lab. This is especially useful during busier times such as midterms and finals week as students can choose where to study by how many computers are available.

    labseat icon

    Often times a lab is underutilized because students don’t know it exists. They flock to common areas like the library or student center, walking past smaller labs in department buildings or multi-use classroom labs.

    Manhattan College's Computer Labs were featured in a recent article on the LabStats website:  How to Even Out Computer Lab Usage Across Campus

    The launch of the LabSeat project was a result of a collaboration of IT Services Operations, Web and Collaboration and Desktop Operations teams.  They were able to use LabStats Application Programming Interface (API) and make it possible to share LabStats data with other software programs.

    The result of this successful initiative resulted in an excellent tool which helps students find tech on campus and allows IT Services to use the data to run our labs and equipment more efficiently.

    Partially reposted from:  Helping Students Find Tech on Campus

    Monday, August 5, 2019

    COMPLETE: Primary ISP Maintenance - Thursday 8/8 3am-6am

    UPDATE: Our primary ISP has completed their maintenance. 

    Our primary Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be conducting system maintenance this Thursday, August 8, 2019 from 3am until 6am in order to upgrade some system firmware.

    Window Start Time: Thursday, August 8, 2019 03:00 (UTC-0400)
    Window End Time: Thursday, August 8, 2019 06:00 (UTC-0400)
    Expected Impact: < 1 hour
    Reason: Router software upgrade to enhance security and stability

    This network maintenance will cause intermittent Internet outages throughout the maintenance period. ITS will continuously monitor the situation and will provide updates at the conclusion of the maintenance period.

    We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions, please contact ITS at extension x-7973 or via email at 

    Thursday, August 1, 2019

    COMPLETED: Horan Hall - Brief Network Outage 8/6 at 3 pm

    Physical Plant will be conducting a generator test in Horan Hall on Tuesday, August 6th at approximately 3 pm

    There will be two brief outages, one while switching to generator power, the other while switching back to main power.

    This will not affect the rest of campus.

    If you have any questions, please contact ITS at or at extension x-7973. We apologize for this inconvenience. 

    UPDATE: This test was successfully completed.