Wednesday, February 19, 2020

DUO Users: You can now use DUO MFA with Facebook!

Manhattan College has deployed DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect the JasperNet account of users who access sensitive data.  The same DUO Mobile App can now be used to protect your Facebook account as well!

To enable DUO MFA on your Facebook account, start by installing the DUO Mobile App and configuring MFA on your JasperNet Account

Once your JasperNet account has been configured to use the DUO App, follow the instructions for Facebook.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Access DUO MFA with your Apple Watch

Users who have enabled DUO MFA on their JasperNet Account may now use their Apple Watch to respond to Multi-Factor Authentication requests!  Contact ITS to learn more!!

Duo Push

When you receive a push notification, you'll also see the notification on your paired Apple Watch if your phone is locked. Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine is a linear actuator inside the device that produces haptic feedback, meaning it literally taps you on the wrist whenever you receive an alert or notification. That means you’ll also feel a tap whenever a login request is sent via Duo Mobile, letting you quickly log in or deny the request.
You can approve the login or deny the login request without ever touching your phone.
Apple Watch
You'll only see the Duo request on your watch when your phone is locked. Notifications won't go to your Apple Watch when your phone is unlocked.


You can also generate passcodes from the Duo Apple Watch app. Simply launch the app from the watch and tap an account to generate a passcode for that account.
Generate a Passcode on Apple Watch

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Safer Internet Day: Political Campaigns Enable MFA

Teaming up with Defending Digital Campaigns on election security

Today is Safer Internet Day and [Google is] announcing a new partnership with Defending Digital Campaigns to provide federal campaigns access to free Titan Security Keys, the strongest form of two-factor authentication. Last year, the Federal Elections Commission granted special approval for DDC to offer cybersecurity services to presidential and congressional campaigns

Reposted from Google Safety and Security blog:

G Suite Update: Use Hangout Meets With Safari!

If you're Mac user who prefers to use Safari- We've got good news for you! 

If you prefer to use Safari as your internet browser you can now use Hangouts Meet. With this launch, users with Safari version 13 or higher, can now use the screen sharing function. This will make your meeting experience much simpler in your preferred browser. This is available now for all G Suite customers. 

For more information please reference this Hangout Meets Update.  

COMPLETE: Horan Hall - Brief Network Outage 2/14 at 2pm

COMPLETE: As of about 2:30pm, this generator test has been completed.

Physical Plant will be conducting a generator test in Horan Hall on Friday, February 14th at approximately 2pm.

There will be two brief outages, one while switching to generator power, the other while switching back to main power. Both wired and wireless will be affected during this generator test.

This will not affect the rest of campus.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at or at extension x-7973. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Duo FAQ'S

Have some questions about the new MFA app, Duo?

ITS has created an FAQ article about MFA with Duo. Here you might be able to find some answers about why we are using Duo and how it works. ITS would like to encourage you to read through this article to help ease any MFA concerns. 

For more help, please contact ITS at or 718-862-7973