Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sending Attachments Via Google Drive

You can now attach files to your emails via Google Drive.  The beauty of Google Drive is that it allows for easy collaboration.  There is no longer a need to worry about edits getting lost due to multiple editors working on a passed around file.  With Google Drive multiple editors can work on the same exact document at the same exact time and all edits are tracked.  You can even see your colleague typing as you do!

Another benefit of Google Drive attachments is that your attachment size limit goes from 25MB (traditional attachment) to 10GB (Google Drive attachment).

Google Drive also gives access control.  Only users that you grant access to can see the file.  So your email can be forwarded, but unless you grant access or your collaborator does, the file can not be accessed.

As part of the Google Drive attachment function, before sending the email, the attachments will be scanned to see if the people to which you are sending the file have access or not.  You will then get a warning if they do not have access and you will be asked if you wish to grant access or not.  For more information on how to send an attachment via Google Drive please click here.