Sunday, October 11, 2015

TONIGHT: Updates to JasperNet Signin Page #GreenMeansGo

The JasperNet Signin page will receive a major update Sunday evening 10/11/2015.  After the update, JasperNet users will be presented with new signin page with the following updates:

New Address (URL) - #GreenMeansGo

Possibly the most important aspect of the update is that the new login system will be hosted on a site providing "Extended Validation" to web browsers - which means a more secure experience for you....  After the upgrade, look for the green "Manhattan College" in the address bar to know that you are entering your JasperNet username and password on a secure site.

New Look and Feel

The updaated page also comes with a new format that has been streamlined for mobile browsers and includes more information anout important campus events.  The login box has been optimized to include helpful inforamtion when accessing your account.  In addtion, a new events column has been added to the right side of the page to highlight major campus events.