Monday, June 27, 2016

Summer Collaboration Challenge: Week6 - Google Sheets: Tips and Tricks #14weekchallenge

In week 2, we explored Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as alternatives to Microsoft Office.  By now, you should be familiar with these applications and ready to take the next step by exploring advanced features as well as tips and tricks for making Docs, Sheets, and Slides easier to use and more featureful than Microsoft Office.

Google Sheets is a great alternative to Microsoft Excel.  This week we'll unlock additional features of Sheets to show how Sheets can become your default spreadsheet application.  Let's start by reviewing some important types for using Sheets more effectively.

Tip #1 - Keep headings or labels in place when scrolling through large spreadsheetsWhen you scroll through a large data set, sometimes the headings disappear and you lose context. To keep your headings from disappearing in Google Sheets, just freeze them in place.

Tip #2 - Filter data in shared spreadsheets without changing what collaborators see
Ever wish you could save a particular filter in your spreadsheet? Create a filter view that only you can see and reuse.

Tip #3 - Get Instant Insights into your data
A spreadsheet full of data can be daunting. Get summaries and charts of your data in the click of a button with Google Sheets. As you select different ranges of cells or columns, the charts update in real time. It’s kind of like having an expert in data analysis sitting next to you.