Monday, September 26, 2016

Home Server Final Decommission Nov 1

As of November 1 the home server will be taken permanently off line. 

  • If you are still using any office or non-user home server share points you will be contacted about our newer solution going forward. This will be mostly non-disruptive. 
  • If are using your personal webspace at eg<Jaspernet ID > 
    • Please open a ticket with client services and we will migrate your page to the new location on our public access linux server, On November 1 the dns entries for home will be changed so that your page will work at
      both:<Jaspernet ID>
      and<Jaspernet ID>
    • Turing offers many more features as well as full Linux shell access and a much more full and robust hosting and development platform. 
  • If you are using your personal drive space at please contact client services immediately for migration assistance to google drive. 

Why is this happening?
  • With the advent of unlimited storage for educational institutions on google drive we can now offer our faculty, staff, and students more storage that is more reliable and easier to get to in the google cloud. The google cloud gives us features such as fine grained access control and sharing, on-line and off-line availability, and a data redundancy that would have been unattainable in house all for virtually zero cost to the college. 
  • The current home server hardware is end of life and can no longer be maintained. 
  • The current home server solution is outdated by today's standards and no longer offers what would be considered standard sharing features. Like email, google is doing it a lot better!