Friday, September 8, 2017

COMPLETED at 9:51 PM - Routine Enterprise Application Maintenance Starting at 9:00 PM Tonight

ITS will be performing several upgrades this evening starting at 9:00 PM. Please see below for a list of the applications that will be affected and for how long each will be affected.

Banner 9 - PROD:

ITS will be deploying the latest round of point releases on the production Banner 9 system. During this time the production Banner 9 application will be down. The maintenance on Banner 9 is expected to take approximately an hour, and will start at 9:00 PM this evening, Sept. 8th.

Workflow, Argos, and Banner Self-Service:

There will be brief service interruptions on the production Workflow, Argos, and Banner Self-Service systems as ITS performs minor maintenance on each system separately. The systems will go down briefly between 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM as ITS performs maintenance on each. The maintenance window on each of these systems is expected to only last a few minutes per system.

- - - - -

Updated at 9:55 PM:

Maintenance and testing on all affected systems were completed by 9:51 PM.