Sunday, December 2, 2018

Kramer & Multihead Installation Project

ITS tested out two new products during the Fall '18 semester. One is a new wireless presentation device called Kramer VIA Go and the other is a Crestron Multihead cable. We installed them in (15) classrooms and (1) conference room.

Due to positive survey feedback and general success with the products we have decided to move forward and replace all currently installed Apple TVs on campus with the Kramer VIA Go wireless presentation device. It has much more functionality than the Apple TV such as supporting all platforms (Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Mac and Windows) as well as being more reliable and other benefits. We have also decided to install the Crestron Multihead cable in all rooms with a Crestron control unit.

The installations are scheduled to begin this coming Winter Intersession '18-'19. We will be providing updates via the blog so be sure to keep an eye on upcoming posts.
Kramer Via Go Home Screen
Kramer Via GO Home Screen
Crestron Multihead cable
Crestron Multihead Cable