Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Training for the new Kramer VIA GO

Training for the new Kramer VIA GO Wireless Presentation System:

Weds.   1/16  12-2:00 pm Miguel 305
Fri.      1/18  10-12:00 pm Leo Hall 237
Please stop by these classrooms to find out how to connect using Kramer VIA GO. This is the new version of AirPlay.

Kramer Via Go Home Screen
Kramer Via GO Home Screen

Classroom Technology:  If you are in a new classroom this semester or need a refresher in the classroom technology we have available please review attached  Podium Guide KBA.  
Kramer VIA KBA's provide instructions and videos for connecting wirelessly using the Kramer system. AirParrot is no longer being supported for wireless connections.
Most classrooms on campus have been upgraded to the new Kramer VIA Go wireless system. For a complete list of all new classrooms using the new Kramer system review this list

Feel free to contact ITS to set up an appointment to go over connecting wirelessly with Kramer VIA in your classroom:
Telephone:  718-862-7973