Sunday, April 28, 2019

Week 10 Tech Showcase: Digital Badges

Digital Badges Convey Mastery of a Topic

ITS has begun a new initiative to promote digital badging. Digital badging is the process of giving digital badges to those who have met a criteria which involves completing comprehensive material of that topic. The verified digital badges can then be displayed on a resume to reflect your achievements for that particular topic.

ITS offers badges for certain challenges such as the Google Collaboration Challenge and the Digital Accessibility Challenge, which people can continuously take throughout the year. If you would like to complete these challenges to receive a Digital Badge, you can simply navigate to the ITS Blog through Quick Links and use the search bar to find each week.  The Digital Badge's are awarded through a website named Credly.
Example of a Manhattan College issued badge awarded for completing a Digital Accessibility online challenge.

Additional Resources:
Digital Badge Information
Credly Knowledge Base

We are interested in your feedback, please take a few moments to complete the following Digital Badge Survey.

Partially reposted from an Educause Launching Digital Credentials Course