Sunday, May 5, 2019

Week 11 Tech Showcase - LabSeat

Image result for labseat manhattan collegeLabSeat is a useful tool at Manhattan College that allows you to check the availability of a computer lab on campus. With LabSeat, you can see the number of PCs in the room as well as if they are being used or offline.  
LabSeat is especially useful when it’s time for finals and you need to find a good studying spot in the computer labs.

Note the bar colors signify:
Green means go! Plenty of availability
Yellow means 75% full
To get started, please visit this link for LabSeat.

For more information and instructions on using LabSeat, please visit this Knowledge Base Article: LabSeat: Find an Open Computer on Campus

IT Services is interested in your feedback on LabSeat.  Please take a few moments to complete the following LabSeat Survey

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