Monday, December 9, 2019

Glance MC App - Now with Push Notifications

Manhattan College will soon be Beta Testing its new Push Notification Service / Channel via the Glance MC mobile app. To take advantage of this, you should have the most recent version of the Glance MC app: 1.4.7 on your IOS or 1.4.10 on your Android mobile device.

A push notification is a short message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. Push Notifications are typically used for delivering brief, time-bound content (a single swipe is all it takes to wipe a notification from existence). Push notifications are an opt-in service (for IOS), and must be enabled if you'd like to receive them. Android, on the other hand, automatically opts-in users to receive push notifications, with an option to manually opt-out.

A sample Glance MC Push Notification

To Opt-In to Push Notifications:
  1. Download the Glance MC app from Google Play or the iOS App Store, if you haven't already done so. Either Click OK, or Don't Allow when prompted with the message requesting permission to send notifications
  2. Be sure you have enabled push notifications for your device as follows:
    1. Apple Device: Click your device “Settings”. Scroll down and choose Glance (or Glance MC). Click "Notifications" and turn on "Allow Notifications"
    2. Android Device: Click your device “Settings”. Click "Applications". Choose Glance (or Glance MC) and under "App Settings", allow Notifications.
The Glance MC app is available in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. For more on using the Glance MC app, please see the Glance MC Knowledge Base Article.

Since inception in Fall 2016, approx 4900 users have downloaded and logged into the app with its bundled Digital JasperCard. 3300 users have accessed the Digital JasperCard this semester. Other highly used features include the Course Schedule, Favorites, Search (Employee Directory and QuickLinks), and To-Do List. Look for a revamp of the app this Spring Semester!