Friday, October 23, 2020

5 Steps to Protecting Your Digital Home

Now that devices like digital door locks, refrigerators and smart assistants have become prevalent in American homes, hackers have a new way to target devices to hack. 

The National Cybersecurity Alliance has written the above poster to shed light on ways to combat this. Extra measures like those listed below are good ways to put an extra blocker on the two primary places of hacker access into our lives.

  • Secure Wi-Fi 

  • Dual-Authentication Logins (Like Duo!)

  • Constantly checking for software updates from our hardware and software makers is also crucial since the updates are usually made in direct response to potential vulnerabilities. 

  • Limiting the information being posted on social media regarding your location will impede a hacker’s ability to pinpoint your home to begin hacking

Fore more information and tips on protecting your devices and yourself please check out this digital poster. 

Special thanks to Lisa Juncaj for passing this poster along!