Friday, March 8, 2013

Telephone System Upgrade - Coming Soon.....

To prepare for the planned telephone system upgrade happening over Spring Break, Information and Training sessions will be held throughout the week of 3/11-3/15.  4-5 sessions will be scheduled per day lasting up to 1-hour.  Sessions will focus on changes from the existing phone system as well as explanations of new features including voicemail-to-email notification.

A signup-form is available to register for a training session:  CLICK HERE

As part of the planned telephone system upgrade, new telephone handsets will be distributed to all users.  These handsets will be on display at the information/training sessions and users will have the opportunity to try them out and ask questions.  The goal of the upgrade was to ensure all campus users had a consistent, modern set of equipment and features.  Images of  these phones are below:

The majority of the work to complete the telephone system upgrade will happen the week of 3/18.  During this time some telephone services may be unavailable to campus users.  Installers will also take this opportunity to replace existing telephone handsets in all campus locations with a modern telephone handset similar to the photos above.  Upon completion of the upgrade, users will need to update their voicemail settings and greeting - a task that may be completed in advance when attending a training session.

We are looking forward to a smooth transition to this new system and the new features including voicemail-to-email notification.