Friday, December 4, 2015

Additional WIFI Capacity Added to Library #TellITS

As we approach the end of the semester and finals, ITS has added additional WIFI capacity to the Library to handle the anticipated needs of students.  ITS has received reports that WIFI coverage and capacity in the lIbrary has been problematic and has taken steps to deploy supplemental coverage for the busiest weeks of the semester.  A WIFI upgrade is planned for winter break and will make these temporary enhancements permanent.

You Spoke - We Listened!
This is a TEMPORARY WIFI HotSpot.   ITS has installed 16 additional WIFI HotSpots throughout the Library to provide extra capacity as the Library gets busier for the last few weeks of the semester.  ITS will be upgrading existing HotSpots and permanently adding new WIFI HotSpots throughout the Library over the winter break to provide far more capacity.

Problems connecting?
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