Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New VPN Software Being Deployed

In September of 2015 ITS began internally testing our next generation VPN solution to replace the outdated installation we have been using for quite some time.

After lengthy testing we have selected and started deploying the industry standard OpenVpn solution on PFSense hardware to the Manhattan College Community. Several factors led us to this decision:

  • OpenVPN is a secure and trusted solution offering reliable service and encryption.
  • Ease of configuration. 
    • All configuration is contained in one file that can be imported by your client. There is no longer a need to know esoteric jargon to get vpn working. 
  • Reliable cross platform clients. 
    • We have successfully tested OpenVpn clients on all supported versions of MS Windows, OSX, IOS and Android as well as several versions of Linux. 
  • Extremely cost effective redundant hardware option makes the platform more reliable during operation and allows for more efficient upgrading with near zero downtime. 

Some members of the community have already been contacted and upgraded to our new VPN, if you have not please send an email to and request an upgrade.

The older VPN will no longer be accessible after May 31 2016.