Sunday, October 30, 2016

Reminder to transition to Google Drive: one place to create, collaborate, share and keep all your stuff.

Have you transitioned from your home server storage space to Google Drive yet? After November 1st, 2016 the Home Server network drives will no longer be publically accessible. Take a few moments to walk through our Knowledge Base article for Transitioning from Home Server to Drive if you need a refresher on procedures for the transition:

Google drive is a tool available to all JasperNet users.  Google drive keeps your files safe and allows access to them from anywhere.    Drive provides JasperNet users with unlimited shared storage (shared with Drive and your Gmail account).

Drive represents a significant upgrade to your home server account by delivering unlimited storage as well as access from anywhere.  Not only is Drive accessible from any campus computer, but anywhere in the world through your JasperNet Gmail account on the web as well as on your phone or tablet through the Google Drive app.
Additionally, Google Drive Sync is available for your Mac/PC desktop to synchronize your local files with your Drive storage - giving you seamless, secure access to your files anywhere/anytime. 
With Google Drive, you’ll get access to new features. 
  • Access everywhere, every device. Drive comes with desktop and mobile apps, making it much easier to upload, sync and access your stuff from any device. Get Drive for Android and iOS and you can create and edit documents, open and share files, and upload photos and videos. 
  • Find your stuff faster. Look for files by keyword and Drive searches everything — even text within scanned documents or images without any text at all. Drive also comes with a simplified navigation to help you better organize your files, and there's a new grid view to help you see thumbnails at a glance. 
  • Work with more apps in Drive. Google Drive is integrated with a growing number of third-party apps, so you can do things like send faxes, edit videos and create website mockups all in one place. 

Looking for more information on Drive? Our blog page for the Drive File-Storage Initiative is a good place to start:

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