Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Friendly Reminder: 4 Brand New Google Meet Features

This is a friendly reminder that Google is rolling out 4 new top requested features. These new features will help ensure that your future Google Meets run seamlessly and effortlessly.  You will be able to focus more on your meeting now! 

1. Tiled layouts for larger calls. You can now see 10+ people in a tiled view during your meetings.

2. Present higher-quality video content with audio. This means that you will now be able to more successfully show a video with audio while you are presenting to a meeting. This can be done by now selecting "present a Chrome tab" when sharing your screen. 

3. Low light mode. Google Meet can now auto adjust your video to make you more visible when you are in sub-optimal lighting conditions. This is currently being rolled out for smart phone users but will become available to web users in the future. 

4. Noise cancellation. Meet can now filter out some background noises such as the dog barking or the sound of someone typing while you are in the meeting. 

These features will be rolled out within the next couple of weeks, with some users possibly already having access to them. For more information on these features and their timelines,  please visit this link