Monday, January 14, 2013

NEW myMC Portal and Announcement System --

Announcing an update to the JasperNet Email Distribution system, as well as the new campus portal known as myMC, which is a service designed to better deliver information to the campus community.

myMC Portal

myMC is a place for all campus users to access information tailored to you. It will be a “one-stop shop” to be able to access your email, calendar, class schedule, College directory and more in one location.  
  • myMC is found at and is also available in the Quick Links menu of the website
  • Initially, the portal will offer features such as email and calendar integration, and a searchable directory of faculty, staff and students.
  • The portal will be updated on a monthly basis and new features will be added.

Announcement System

The JasperNet email listserv system is being replaced by an announcement system in the new myMC portal. This announcement system will provide a single daily digest email each morning instead of many separate emails sent throughout the day. Additionally, all announcements will be available on the myMC portal.

Why is this changing?
Dozens of emails a day are sent through the Jaspernet listserv. This large volume of email is overwhelming and results in many users deleting any email from [JASPERNET]. By transitioning the way we do campus announcements to a daily digest email, there will be less inbox clutter and more recipients will actually read your messages. The daily digest email will include a brief synopsis of the announcement with the option to click through to read more information and get further details.

When will this change
The full update will happen over the next few weeks, however, you will now be able to see campus announcements in the portal and will begin to receive a daily digest of announcements via email.