Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moodle Upgrade and New Theme

Sunday August 18th our moodle system lms.manhattan.edu was upgraded to the latest major software version and had a new custom theme applied.  The system was off line from noontime until approximately 3pm.

The two major outstanding issues were resolved.

  • Faculty unable to upload files to course sites. (Resolved August 20 @2:30pm)
  • Browsers reporting insecure site due to mixture of secure and insecure links on start page.  (Resolved August 19 @11am)

The new software version brings us back in line with the latest features and enhancements of the moodle system.  The older 2.3 branch was out of date and is slated to be de-supported by moodle in the coming months.

Our custom theme doesn't change the functional aspects of the moodle system but modernizes the stylistic elements and helps moodle conform with the look and feel of the college's web presence.