Monday, August 26, 2013

More wireless comes to campus for Fall 2013.

The long awaited project to bring full wireless coverage to the main campus buildings is in the final stages of completion.  ITS has deployed 120 new 802.11n access points to Memorial Hall, De La Salle Hall, and Miguel Hall.  Our goal is full coverage for all office, academic, public spaces.

We have saturated the buildings in order to provide the best coverage, however wireless signal in our beautiful circa. 1923 main buildings can be challenging.  The construction methods and materials used at the time tend to soak and block a tremendous amount of wireless signal.  We worked for many weeks to mitigate these effects by choosing the best locations for and numbers of access points and we do not expect dead spots in used areas.  If you are having any issues with wireless coverage in any of our covered areas please contact us at:

Click here to see out current wireless coverage map.