Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Online Registration Improvements

ITS had received reports from students on Monday 11/2 that online registration for Spring 2016 operated slower than expected.  ITS has confirmed that the self-service system had experienced higher-than-expected load which likely resulted in students experiencing longer-than-expected delays when attempting to register for classes at 7AM on Monday.

ITS immediately reviewed the configuration of the self-service system on Monday 11/2 after the 7AM rush.  Since the system had been upgraded over the summer, we identified a few new configuration settings to be optimized before the next online registration (for Juniors) on Wednesday 11/4.  The new configuration was completed prior to Wednesday and ITS added additional monitoring of the self-service system during Wednesday's 7AM rush.

The chart on this page shows the number of online registrations over time for the Monday 11/2 (BLUE) and Wednesday 11/4 (RED) sessions.  As you can see, the Wednesday (RED) session for Juniors shows a significantly higher number of registrations completed as soon as registration opens at 7AM - a significant improvement over the same period on Monday 11/2 (BLUE).

Despite experiencing minor delays on Monday, over 1000 students successfully registered for classes.  On Wednesday, approximately 550 students completed registration.