Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Updates in Horan providing Significant Improvement in WIFI

#high5 #TellITS - Recent updates to Horan WIFI are providing residents with better access to JasperNet.  Since the beginning of the semester, ITS has been working with students to address concerns with JasperNet WIFI in Horan Hall.  The addition of dedicated access points to the 17 10-man suites as well as the deployment of a separate WIFI band (5GHz) has enabled much better JasperNet connectivity for residents of Horan.

ITS needs your feedback while we continue to optimize of Horan WIFI configuration.  During this time, we have created a TEMPORARY WIFI network named JASPERNET5 (which identified the 5GHz 802.11 WIFI band).  Residents of Horan who wish to test the new configuration should connect to JASPERNET5.  We ask that residents connecting to JASPERNET5 provide feedback by tweeting speed test results to @MC_ITS  You can also provide feedback on the #TellITS form here: